Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tea Towel

i had a little extra time today and thought of a quick small project for myself. its a tea towel for my kitchen. i had bought a pack of these a few weeks back. while making this i decided to maybe work on some xmas ones during the year and give them as gifts to coworkers. I found a few adorable xmas patterns.....simple too.

my question is.....where do you find white plain tea towels. not the flour sacks (too thin and large). anyone???

i love this towel.....cuz i DO heart ND! my homestate will always be in my heart even though ill never live there again. im sure i will stay south where know one has ever heard the phrase "alberta clipper" or "uffda".

***added coffee cup tea towel. im on a roll stitching :)


Jamie said...

They are both so cute! I really love the coffee cup though! You know how I feel about coffee! Ha! Keep up the stitching!
I was also wondering where to get plain white tea towels. I'll do some checking around and let you know.

Kaye said...

I bought nice white towels in Wal Mart. I think they came 3 in a pack and were like a waffle weave material.I like them and trhey do look good with an applique or stitching on them. Hope this helps

Bridget B said...

Your tea towels are very nice. We live just south of your home state and don't hear uffda much but certainly know about Alberta clippers.

call me crazy said...

Cute towels! I love the coffee cup! I had a room mate in college who always said uffda!~ LOL that brings back memories. :-)

Diane said...

cute cute! You are jamming on the stitch work!

N.C.Fabric Junkie said...

ahhaaaaaaaaaaa your wrong! I live in North carolina and I have heard of uffda lols I grew up hearing it " in fact the one norwegion word that I ever learned " lols Linda