Saturday, March 27, 2010

hiking....and hiding from my blog.

yes, ive been a bit absent from my blog this week. i chalk it up to the following:

my son hurt his knee in PE
the frog died...and now is in a box in a shallow grave in our front yard
i played hookie today from any form of reality/technology and went hiking :)

i didnt bring a camera....but the cell phone pics are "ok". i wish you all could see our RED ROCK in the mountains. its just beautiful! the desert is green this year because we have also had a lot of rain. the weather was about 65 and perfect. we even got brave and took our lab...who hasnt had a lot of leash training. but he listens SOOO good and had such a great time, we will definitely take him again.

this is what they called a "lake" at the end of a trail. being from the minnesota area, it always makes me laugh a little at what they feel is an able body of water---called a lake. LOL

but we had a great day....and thats what life is about. being a happy family and being together.

tomorrow-----sewing time! im under a few deadlines, but work really good under pressure. have a great weekend!!!

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Jamie said...

LOL! I love the "lake". I know what you mean...I am used to Lake Erie! Looks like you had fun and family time is so important! I hope to sew a bit today, too. Potholder time! But we also have an Easter egg hunt on the agenda and other fun outside stuff. The weather is too nice to stay inside!