Saturday, September 19, 2009

9 patch quilt along---use them scraps folks!

My sewing buddy HEIDI and i have decided to work on a 9 patch quilt together. We have seen them on a few blogs----this blog being an inspiration. These quilts are so adorable and i have a good stash of fab scraps going.....what a better way to utilize every single inch of every single yard youve ever bought? It will also be so fullfilling to have a quilt made by me with scraps of fabs i used on certain bags and projects. almost like a diary of fabric.

We had a great friday night sew-in. we both did a project and also worked on a few of these 9 patches. I will need to make 70 patches......i have done 6. only 64 to go. WOOHOO. we gave ourselves a hefty deadline but i have a feeling its going to be sooner.

keep an eye on heidi over at to see how we are both doing on our patches. im going to start a little tally----so when you see only 48 to go...only 35 to go...only 22 to go you know what im talking about.

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