Tuesday, September 1, 2009

weekend projects

I am lining up my projects for this weekend and already have 3 in the works. they are all bags, but ive also got a quilt idea in mind. my sister came to town last week with the CUTEST bag...i just HAVE to make it this weekend! I will also have to add to my fabric kingdom to get the quilt in my mind going. Have you all seen the FUN FUN FUN new fabrics moda is releasing this month. they are just evil to do this so close to xmas. its making me rethink xmas presents....not use what fabric i already have.....be greedy and want more more more. I cant wait to get a few of them!!! ive even called my local stores and done the digging of who bought what and what they will have for sale. WHY do they all seem to be so picky on the fun new fabs?
this is the first labor day ive taken off in years, so im planning on making it MY day. Bobbi's sew-in i guess i will call it. There is 1 project that is a MUST. My friendship swap bag. I will feel really guilty if i get mine in the mail and dont even have mine planned for my sewing friend. I also need a fun idea of a goodie to put inside. hmmm.......too bad i have to work all week. I could use an extra day for shop hopping. guess ill just have to sneak out early saturday morning and hit a few stores. the downfall---the FUN ones are across town. THIS is the reason i hate living in the big city....nothing is close. I am originally from North Dakota and miss being able to get across town in minutes--even with bad weather. LOL
hmm...what else is on my mind tonight? i have had a pretty stressful week and day. You know those days where NOTHING goes right? yep, thats me today. I thought that maybe sitting down staring at fabric and moving piles around would be some mental therapy. It did help and actually got me excited to end this week with a bang...maybe a friday night sew-in with myself. My friday night sew-in partner Heidi will have a houseful of tween boys, so i wish her well while i burn up some thread and fabric without her.

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