Sunday, September 13, 2009

check out heidis giveaway!!!

OMG, you HAVE to check out Heidi's giveaways! Her apron is adorable!!! She used an old pair of denim/shorts overalls. put some amy butler flare on them and viola.....done. CUTE CUTE CUTE!

I love her 50 things about her list too.....i even learned something new about her!
I love giveaways. im hoping to do one soon....but maybe ill hold off until my 50th post too. its a mile stone. or heck, i would do one if i had some more followers HAHAHA.

I dont care about followers.....they will come i guess. Its because i love blogging. its fun to share something about my life with the world. Mine and Heidi's family is extremely personable! We love everyone.....we talk to anyone....we love to laugh.....we cherish our family and friends......we consider friends part of family and everyone treats them as a true member.

so check out her is the link incase you missed it!

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