Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great compliment from my son!

Last weekend, my 16 y/o son made me a few CDs for the car. he did this without asking.....because he loves music and ive trained him to like the good stuff. He is a metal head, but still loves a little jimmy, zep etc.

So i play one of the cds and wow, this kid really knows his mom. It was good 80s music. Very strange how he would know what songs i liked back then, but he can pick them out!!!

It got me thinking about my first car i bought....A Red Honda Prelude! I was SOOOO cool. heehee so guess what the first song/cassette i cranked up in my new car was? Barracuda---Heart. I know in all these years ive never told AJ that story. So what song was on my cd??? Yep, you guessed it. Barracuda!

OK getting back to the im sitting there listening to these songs and thinking back....way back.... AJ says "mom, you and i wouldve been the best of friends back then.....not dating.....just great friends".

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