Friday, September 4, 2009

friendship bag---my anxiety

im staring at my fabric kingdom and have anxiety over my friendship bag swap project. what if they dont like it....what if its the color they hate...what if they laugh at my sewing abilities? why would something like this be so important to me?? its my first could be to a blogger who is very important to the fabric/quilting/blogging community! do i go with "safe" fabs? what FUN item can i put inside?

what will MY person send me? i know i will LOVE matter what. so now what? i know i know...just have fun and do it! jeez....the excitement....the pressure....ok im picking a fab and going to get it over with. cuz i know once i get rolling, ill probably make a few of them for fun.

i love sewing and quilting! i actually feel a part of something now. i feel like i am a part of a fun world. fabrics, projects, fun people.

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Heidi said...

Chill.... my sewing buddy! You are a good bag sewer (is that a word?).. you were taught to make bags by me remember!! lol. You have an awesome eye for fabric - you make me jealous with that ability.

Your bag will be super cute.. and your person will love it!