Sunday, July 26, 2009


yes....we have more husker gifts. my boss asked me to make a blanket and pillows for her grandson who is due in a few weeks. she had found the fabs, bought what she "thought" she needed per some doofuss at joanns and brought me a bag of goodies. well, lets just say if you ever want anyone to make something for you, leave it to THEM to buy the goods. it turned out really cute, but OH MY GOD.....OMG....ill never work with fleece AND fabric again. then add in the silky binding to just put it over the top.

I must have enough experience under my belt tho....YES I AM BRAGGING cuz it got done. im telling ya, this material makes you a cornhusker fan. its SOOO cute. this baby will never get cold under this blanket. the nice thing about it, i made it HUGE so they can use it until they are in college. (per my boss's measurements again).

the pillows were a piece of cake. i made the cover with a flap so it can be removed and washed. i just eyeballed the pillow and got the measurements right on my first try. im so proud of myself!

so....what should i make next? i know i know....i have got to do the quilt thing soon. i have a list of xmas presents i would like to do...and they involve quilting. GULP

Thursday, July 16, 2009

diaper bag...

I made this for my boss at work. her family are huge nebraska cornhusker fans and she has a new grandson on the way. they wanted a husker here it is. it turned out SOOO cute!! its a big bag, but when your toting their every need around town, you need BIG. am i right moms?

I thought ok, black red and white for a baby....but its adorable! The proud daddy wont have any quams carrying this diaper bag around town either to show off his bundle of joy AND his love for the huskers!

I also added this as a surprise for my boss. i had some leftover fabs, so thought why not...she needs a cute husker bag herself.
it was her bday...and i think im now the teachers pet. heehee
It makes me wish i was a cornhusker fan...but what i want to know is WTF is a cornhusker?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

zipper pouch

I made this zipper pouch and it was sooo EASY to make!! the pattern came from lazy girl designs. I cant wait to make some more in fun fabs for some xmas presents. this is the medium size, but what i would love to do for coworkers is make these in fun xmas fabs with maybe a starbucks gift card. fun idea eh?

Ive had all week alone, no kiddies, and this was all i made. LOL. I just stared at my machine-but come monday when im back at work ill be thinking of ALL the things i shouldve made. oh well, thats life right?