Monday, June 18, 2012

FNSI winners and gnome update

did everyone have a nice fathers day??  i spent it with my hubby (fabulous daddy to our boys) and my dad (the worlds greatest!).     it was a day in the pool with loads of sun and some yummy bbq!! 

i have picked 2 winners for this month thanks to 

my first winner is :
#112  Rachel B in Idaho at
LOVE your postage stamp!!! 

here is your prize:

A Lucys Crabshack charm pack and my needlebook i made for FNSI.  (i love giving away my projects!)

the second winner is:
#5  Corina - Manitoba CA at
look at those curves!!  beautiful.

here is your prize:

A domestic bliss charm pack and a fun owl pincushion pattern.

CONGRATS to you both!!   all you ladies need to do is send me an email with your mailing address.  hey,  if you live in a cooler climate i think i should hand deliver them.  LOL

its hot here.  summer has arrived.  110 at some point this week.  im not leaving the house until October.  whine whine whine.  can someone atleast send me some rain? a cloud or two? 

remember my GNOME?   he still has residence somewhere in Montana.  here he is hanging out with my goodlooking sister!  I dont think he minds ones bit either.  She went to a farmers market and took him along for the FUN.

ill post some more pics later this week.  they are a HOOT.  she and her friend had wayyy too much fun.  I wonder how much fabric i could send her as a ransom payment?  stay tuned.....

Saturday, June 16, 2012

FNSI results

Last night for FNSI i made a needle book.  not much of a night for sewing, but i spent a lot of time hiding in my mom cave and deciding what fabrics to use on a bag im going to make for the beach with Lucys Crabshack.  shew that was a long sentence.  ;)

this needle book cover is from the Lucys line.

i added the piece of ribbon on the right side to hold a roll of embroidery thread. 

i went with some playful bright felt on the inside to match the color scheme of the outside.  nice and summery. 

don't forget to check my blog tomorrow for the WINNERS!  ill be choosing 2.  Heidi is on an adventure to the Minnesota state quilt show this weekend.  hope she is having fun and meeting some new people!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recipe--cottage cheese snack

this Friday night is FNSI.  click HERE for sign ups.  i know its summer, and your all probably out enjoying family time such as camping, boating, hiking etc.  but for those of us that hide indoors during the HEAT lets get together and virtually sew/craft!!

I have a recipe to share with you.  its healthy....but don't be scared.  YEARS ago, one of our grocery stores back home had this as a sample.  i was probably 15ish--ya we are going wayyy back.  i have eaten it ever since.  my kids are addicted to it too!

all it involves is 3 ingreds.  yep, T H R E E !!!

here is the cast of characters: 
cottage cheese
ritz crackers
salad supreme dry seasoning

i learned from Heidi a few years back that you keep this seasoning in the fridge after opening for it to keep its freshness.  i seriously never read the label.  it is found in your regular seasoning isle at your local grocery store. 

all you do is get a cracker, pile on some cottage cheese and sprinkle as much or as little of the seasoning as you want.  pop the whole thing in your mouth (if your a pig like me) and make a bunch more.  because trust me, you cant eat just one.

my son made this plate for himself, and i said WOAH....I am SOO blogging this!!!  i hope you enjoy this simple and pretty darn healthy snack!!!