Sunday, January 22, 2012

FNSI winner

after making that fun margo bag friday night, i have a few more cut out and decided that this months winner will get the one i made friday night!!!

the winner for this month via is:

#131   BETH D. at
shes working on a cute ninja for her son.  Beth all you need to do is send me an email with your mailing info.  CONGRATS!!

i hope you will enjoy this bag.  it was a lot of fun to make.
i might toss in a few other fun goodies just cuz im nice like that :)

see you all next month for Friday Night Sew In!!  the next date will be 2/17/12. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

FNSI results---the margo bag

you all thought i forgot about our "guidelines" didn't ya?  WINK WINK
its 1055pm my time....heck i still have another 65 minutes to post.  :)

i made a new bag pattern last night.  its the MARGO bag by lazy girl designs.  my sister had made me one last summer and also given me the pattern.  last night with her help (thank you sista) i finally tackled this project. 

im on a hounds tooth and aqua kick these days. 

yep, that front panel IS a pocket!  (actually 2)    the bag is a nice smaller size but fits a lot of stuff.  im eating healthy these days (yay for me) and im taking my breakfast, lunch and snacks to work in this bag along with a book and my ipod.  there is a lot more room than you would think. 

i did just a plain black corduroy on the back.  not sure about that yet.....its still growing on me.
BUT did i tell you?   that hounds tooth on the front is CORDUROY!!!  i found it at hobby lobby.  SWOOOOOON.

because my sister was so kind to help me via "ma bell" im also including a pic of her bag she made last night.  we sewed "together"....virtually.  she doesn't have a blog but she follows along a lot with us on Friday Night Sew In.  i just wish we could sew together!  (a lot of you commented about having family and friends for FNSI---im jealous!)

aren't her fabrics fun!!  and wow....check out that scenery!  she had some snow this week (record dropping) and was able to snap this beautiful picture this am on her deck.  ahhh...she has the perfect morning coffee view.  (inside joke)  I LOVE YA GING!

be sure and check back tomorrow for the winner.  the post will be later in the day.
hope you all had fun.  i LOVED reading all of your comments!  tomorrow ill be surfing your projects and picking a winner via as usual.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday Night Sew In signups are here!!!

Friday Night Sew In time again !!!   Its this coming friday, January 20th. 

Here is a breakdown of the "rules".   (i hate that word rules because no one will get in trouble for not participating).  someone give me another word.....or phrase.  LOL it is in the quick and short version.
1.  get your world in order on Friday and sew, craft, stamp, scrapbook, build, embroider, crochet, knit, or paint until your eyes wont stay awake anymore.  make sure you have some comfy jammies on and a beverage of choice and a yummy snack.  this night is for YOU.  if you have kids, maybe include them in the fun.  if your kids are older (like mine) order them pizza or give them movie money.  LOL!

2.  Take photos of what you did and blog about it on Saturday.  This will enter you into the drawing for a FNSI prize :)

3.  Sunday come back and see if you won.  Ill be posting the winner at some point on Sunday. 

thats about it.  OH YEAH....HAVE FUN and tell all of your friends about our virtual party! 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

stamped washer necklace and keychain

Pinterest is making me a craft junkie!!!  i keep seeing all of these fabulous crafts to do and i just cant help myself!!!  will someone take my computer, laptop, ipad and iphone away please??? 

yes, in case your wondering, im still into sewing.....but im also branching out into other crafting areas.  wait till you see what i made today!

this is a necklace for a family member. HOW. CUTE . IS . THAT.   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 and a key chain for me.  CHOOSE JOY!  (that's my motto for this brand spankin' new year)

Harbor Freight has a great set of alpha stamps for like 10bucks!  ive been on the hunt for these for a few weeks.  long story short.....i got 2 wrong sizes today at michaels!  1/8 inch is perfect!  (not the 1/4 or 1/16 at michaels.) 

the washers are just your average-everyday washers from lowes.  i found some simple necklaces on clearance at hobby lobby and some beads at michaels.  Yeah, ive been all over this town today! 

what do you think?  it was definitely a quick project.  the stamping is easy once you get it down.  there are tutorials ALL OVER the blog world for these doodads.  so i cant even link to any because i found like 278.  (wee bit of an overexageration there).

after 6 lovely weeks off....minus the surgical procedure which started my "vacation".....i had to go back to work this past week.  BOO HISS GAG!  (yes im grateful for my job, but i loved being at home).  after spending a lot of time healing physically and mentally (no stress) i decided to do a few things for myself to keep that good positive mojo going!

I started a Gratitude Journal on 1/1.  Everyday I write 5 positive things i was grateful for that day.  believe me, its not as easy as it sounds--LOL.  but its a way to become more of a positive person.  after 14 days of doing this, im already finding myself during the day thinking "yep, thats going in the journal".    I CHOOSE JOY and it feels FANFREAKINTASTIC!

im sure some of you are wondering about the friday night sew in sign ups.  if i can figure out that winky thing again, it will be tomorrow OR monday.    ill be in charge this month because Heidi will be partying it up with her family.  be sure and check back....  FNSI is in 6 days.