Monday, April 30, 2012

Recipe book

a few years ago, my mom had given me a small recipe book/album.  it was from one of those school fundraiser things.  well, it has been my go to recipe book ever since.  i have even taken it on trips to see my cousin HEIDI for those much needed recipes we love to make for the holidays.

did you know that you can get the neatest recipe cards in the dollar isle at michaels?   the "albums/books" i love using are those $1 photo albums.  its perfect because you can spill on them :).  they are small and can be kept right near your cooking area in your kitchen. 

here is a book i made for a swap im participating in. 

i then decided to make myself another one because my first one is full.  i also made a christmas recipes album for me too :)

what i do is remove the cover.  although it is lovely, it needed to be kitcheny.  (is that a word?)
i found some fun kitchen scrapbook paper and just cut it to size.  using the other cover as a template.

recipe card collection obtained over the past few years.  im going to make a few of these as xmas presents this year.  i need to get more cards!!!  (each album takes around 40 cards)

here is my christmas book.  my parents have some FANTASTIC xmas "goodie" recipes.  each year they make up a ton of goodies and give baskets as gifts to people.  ive been slowly copying those recipes.   im talking homemade fudge, peanut brittle, norwegian things i cant spell-lol-, cookies, spritz.  im talking about some yummy treats!!!

xmas recipe cards.  TOO CUTE!

it would be a great little bridal shower gift also with some family recipes inside.  you could really jaz up that cover with stickers, paper, embellishments etc.  im not super savvy on the scrapper lingo.  im just a crafter who dabbles with paper.  :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

old frame magnetic board

yep, im still crafting like a mad woman over here!  most of my ideas lately have come from pinterest.  i cant take credit for them.  but of course it was my hard work that created them.  :)


i found this old frame at a garage sale last year. i took out the inner contents and spray painted the frame. i bought some small pieces of sheet metal at Lowe's and cut it down to size. (carefully with gloves!!)

This print was found online for my craft room. a few magnets and a piece of washi tape are holding it in place. 

today im going to make some of my own magnets.  i want everything in my craft room to be me :)

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

more scrapbook wood letters

back in this post, i told you i was working on a project for my craft room.  well, the word i wanted to spell was "create".  but they ran out of E's.  so C.R.A.F.T. it is!!! 

All you need is wood letters from any crafty store, mod podge and scrapbook paper.  trace your letter onto the paper, cut it out, and glue it to the letter.   you can also sand the edges and even add distressing ink for an aged look.   ive seen lot of people add ribbon, buttons, flowers.  its just endless what you could do with these wood letters. 

i love the cupcakes paper!  my letters were already black, so i left them that color.  i thought it gave them some depth.

i used the pop can tab hanging method and it worked great!  just make sure you hold up your letter to find the right placement for the tab.  its not necessarily centered.  like the letter F hangs more to the left.  so that placement isnt center.

hot glue, a pop can tab and a nail.   they are still on my wall even after a few weeks and door slamming :)

are you working on anything fun today?

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Friday, April 27, 2012

pop can tabs---a hanging tool

do you have something to hang, but no holes or hooks on the back?  have no fear.....

a pop/soda can tab hook!

all you need is some hot glue.

and some pop/soda can tabs. 

it really works!!!  just make sure you lift the pop tab out a little bit to catch in the nail.
i have also seen where some people screwed the tab onto their project.  I used mine on scrapbook paper wood letters.  they are light weight so there was no need for power tools!

check back tomorrow.  ill show you what i hung with these tabs!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bobbin Ring

I've discovered so many fabulous ideas for my sewing/craft space lately.  this week i will be sharing quite a few of them.  it might be blogging post overload by the weekend!!!

 so check this out...

all you need is a big ol metal ring and a bunch of bobbins.

this keeps all of my empty bobbins together.  im always digging in my desk for a new one. well not anymore.  thanks to that crafty person who came up with this idea!!! 

i love pinterest.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

FNSI pillow cases results and winner!

i was able to get 5 pillow cases done on friday.  i actually made them in shifts.  I cut them out before baseball and sewed them after.  LOL

i geared them more towards teens.  they seem to be the ones that are a bit left out.  Even teen boys LOVE batman!!   Check out the one with the bicycles.  i wish you could see it in person.  its a pale pink with gray.  adorable.

(I cant get this darn picture to go the right way!  bear with me.  this new blogger doesn't seem to agree with me tonight.  )

These are a few made by my sister.  Sadly we dont live near each other, but she wanted to participate and shes going to mail them in this week.  (THANKS GING!!!)

such FUN fabrics!!!

HEIDI and i have done the drawing for the first winner.  We want to thank all of you for participating in the pillowcase making for ConKerr Cancer.

the winner of the 2nd prize June Tailor kit is:
#58  Freda   YAY!!!   LOVE those cases!!!

For the grand prize winner, ARROW SEWING CABINETS will select that person once the pillowcases have been mailed in.  Don't forget to put a note that your part of the April FNSI giveaway.  The packages need to be received by May 10th.  GOOD LUCK everyone!!! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

FNSI pillow case challenge reminder


Tomorrow night is our Friday Night Sew In pillow case challenge. 
 Lets make some FUN pillowcases for kids.

click HERE for the details and sign ups. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

lets EAT!

I'm still adding aqua touches to my kitchen.....remember THIS post?!!  heres my latest addition and craft project.

this is a fast project.  i found some really cool ideas on pinterest.  people make them for their kids' rooms, laundry rooms (wash), kitchens, craft rooms.   too many options!  but im going to make them for a baby gift for an upcoming baby to be born this summer.  i just have to wait to find out her name.

here's what i did.  i bought the letters from michaels.  with a coupon of course!!  they also had scrapbook paper 7 for a buck!  i love a good sale.

so trace your letter on the scrapbook paper.  i did on the back and make sure your letter is backwards before cutting it out.   using some mod podge, put a thin layer on the letter then I just put my scrapbook paper letter on it and smoothed it out.  let dry.  then i added another layer of mod podge over the paper and wood to give it a seal.  you don't have to do this step.  but its going in my kitchen.  grease, grime, yuck.

i also used a sanding block and sanded the edges a bit because the paper was hanging over a little.  Ive seen people use distressing ink around the edges too.  thats a GREAT look and im for sure using that on my baby gift letters.

I've started another one for my craft room.  what do you think im spelling out?  come on....take a guess.  ;)

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Washi Tape Clipboard

have you all seen this fun tape via blogland?  i took a few minutes and spruced up a clipboard to hang on my PEG board.  this way while working on a project, i can clip my pattern on this instead of losing pages in my sewing frenzy.

i let it overlap a bit, then came in with a small rotary cutter to trim the edges.

this tape was actually found at Target.  they called it Paper Tape.  (the tape, staples, office supply section for those inquiring minds).  from what i gather, Washi tape is only available online (that i know of). 

happy Easter!!!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peg Board project---and a craigslist adventure

not sure if you all remember THIS post.  i had found a frame and bought some peg board with a fabulous craft room project in mind.  lets just say ive been chomping at the bit waiting for it to get put together.  but it finally happened!!  YAY  (thanks dad and the hubs)

i didn't paint it yet because i cant decide on a color.  but the ugly gold does grow on you.  LOL

i bought the peg board at Lowe's and an accessory kit for the hooks.  im sure ill change things around on it about a cazillion times.

 im loving the spool/thread holder.  now ill know when im running low on a color.  looks like im a little heavy on white. 

these sweet little buckets were from the dollar isle at Target.  3 for a buck!!  my fav saying these days....JOY....was a another dollar isle purchase at Michael's. 

my very first purchase ever from craigslist.  my armoire :)   yes, my name is bobbi and i hoard fabric.

ahem.....anyway like i said this was my first craigslist experience but not a great one.  i had my eye on another fabulous armoire but the sellers were obviously playing a bidding game or something.  so i found this as my second choice.   funny thing was they emailed me 2 weeks later asking if i was still interested.  UM NOPE.  i found a better looking one that fits my room!!!!  (jerks--grrrr)

its baseball season here in vegas.  so my nights will be filled watching this cutie patootie throw the ball around.  i love spring!

ive had family in town this past week.  let me tell you if you are ever in vegas and can handle some raw humor......CARROT TOP is a MUST see.  the tickets are reasonable and HOLY MOLY this guy is pee your pants FUNNY!

theres just something about that red curly hair.  i think the dude is HOT.  (shrug---just sayin)

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