Saturday, August 29, 2009

friendship bag and book

Looky what i got this week. Its a friendship bag from my sister! they are adorable too. i cant wait to make mine for the swap and send it with some goodies. I love Debbie Macomber books too and the new one came out this week so she had that tucked in the bag.

Ive had a bit of a family emergency this my quilt is on hold. My dad became ill and we have had a scary week, but he is home and well right now. THANK GOODNESS! My sister flew in to help care for him and see us for a few days. Its been nice because i havent seen her in almost a year. But its even nicer when she brings me presents :)

I promise i will work on my woodland bloom quilt soon, but i have to get my dad well and my family put back together first. keep looking, i might surprise you with another quilt!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

quilt top is D O N E---WOOHOO

I cant believe it....i actually finished the quilt top! i have a horrible cellphone camera, so bear with me. the pic leaves a LOT to be desired, but its woodland bloom fabs and they are bright, exciting and all mixed up in this quilt.

again this is the pattern from the moda bake shop called scruffily by rachel griffin of ps i quilt. it was an extremely friendly and easy pattern to do. once i realized that when it was done, it wouldnt matter how many times i moved pink to blue to red to was all going to blend nicely no matter how i put them together.

the exciting part is yet to come. the quilting together then binding. YIKES. but ive read a lot and watched some good tutorials---i should be ok. if not, this is my first quilt so im allowed a few glitches right? ive already planned the next 3 i better figure it all out fast.


I cant believe my boys are starting school AJ is a junior and matt's in 5th grade. just doesnt seem possible.

getting them ready for school has always been about traditions for me. as a kid there is nothing better than going to school on your first day looking "sharp". new shoes, a new backpack, new clothes and maybe even a new haircut. then throw in all of those new binders, pens and notebooks....WOW it almost makes me want to sign up for college classes just to have the high again. come on...agree with me people, it makes you walk a little taller to be in new clothes for a day. everyone loves new shoes!!!

another tradition i like to do is the weekend before that big first day we power clean/organize the house. everyone cleans their rooms and gets their desks ready for new books and homework. I am extremely blessed...both of my boys have always been very independent kids. they can do their homework in their rooms without me hovering. it usually gets done in a good time frame too. we go. we are all ready...even a little earlier than usual today. i am going to jump in and finish sewing the top of my quilt. im truthfully on the last square, then have to sew the rows.....then figure out my backing. i want to do a minor design on the back. hopefully at some point this week ill be able to have a pic of the top done. so stay tuned.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am back from the beach but I have been a little under the weather. Ive been reading the new quilts and more magazine and now i am sidetracked. I want to make this CUTE halloween wall hanging!!! I am SOOO ready for fall, but living in the desert it doesnt come soon enough. Maybe by novemeber we can turn our A/C off....and not kidding.
I am still slowly working on the quilt I started, but getting my kids ready for school has also put a dent in my projects. hopefully after this weekend we will all be back into our routine and i will make some more time for sewing. School, work, sports and maybe a sunday afternoon watching FAVRE #4 play for my almost sounds heavenly doesnt it?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

quilters block

Ive cut all my fabs. Ive lined them up 3 times. Nothing looks right. Now what? just do it, just sew them and hope they look presentable? I need a quilting guru....i need a quilting shrink. yeah yeah I know the answer im just a big ol chicken.

hopefully by the next time i post ive got a quilt top finished. Im doing the beach first :)...for mental therapy.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Im finally quilting!!!

yep, im finally jumping head first into the quilting world! im soooo excited too! Surfing blogs this week I fell in love with the new quilt created by p.s. i quilt. I have been collecting woodland bloom fabs and got a fun package in the mail today from my girl HEIDI! A BIG THANK YOU !!! She sent me the much needed charm pack. So tonight I finally dove in....started cutting the fabric needed for this adorable quilt!

I put the above picture on here for another reason also. That ironing board pictured is my new fav thing. I have it on a table so I can sit and iron things.....its perfect!!! It measures 12x18 which is a great size and will be used for most of my projects. I hate standing over the old fashioned ironing board. What can I getting old and it makes my back hurt. LOL

All you quilters/bag makers make a note this week to get your joanns coupon and go get yourself one of these handy dandy ironing boards. It made Bobbi's world a happier place. Cuz as my boys say, when momma aint happy aint NOOOObody happy! Wish me luck on this quilt expedition. I hope to pump them out as fast as some of you, but dont get your hopes up yet. I still need a walking foot and possibly a new machine.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

life as a mom of a teenager

this post has nothing to do with crafting.....but just about my life these days with a teenage boy.

1. mom, can you drive me here.....
2. mom, my friends need a ride cuz their parents wont drive.....
3. mom, got cash?
4. mom, are my football clothes clean that i just took off 10mn ago.....
5. mom, when will i get my license and a car.....
6. mom, im going to a concert but you need to drive across town and get the tickets for me and a friend cuz yet again.....parents dont seem to drive anymore.....
7. mom, take me to the mall so i can call you 15mn later and tell you its boring so you need to come get me......
8. mom, i know its 930 at nite but i have a project due tomorrow morning and i need a poster board......
9. mom, i really do love you.....your the best mom i know....all my friends love you.
10. mom, got a couple bucks?

being a mom----priceless.
would i trade any of it? NEVER! i love being a is the best job in the world.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Its my Bag-anniversary!

1 year ago I entered the bag world....the bag obsession....the bag making craze. My sister Kristie who lives in montana started the bag thing a few years ago at christmas. she made me the CUTEST charm tote (penny sturgis/quilts illustrated) design. Well, my cousin Heidi fell in love with it, bought some patterns and continued the bag craze. finally, last august i was forced (haha) to learn how to make them. Heidi patiently taught me how....and it only took me 5 hours to make this tiny little thing, but I havent looked back! I LOVE making them! If I only had more time ......argghh.

So today I get a fun box in the mail from Kristie and looky what she sent me!

isnt it CUTE! i had bought a smaller caddy in phoenix a few months back and use it ALL the time. she MADE this....and its going on my ironing table. Kristie is good....let me tell you. she can look at something and VIOLA its made in a few hours. Heidi is that way too.....they truly are my idols! they both have branched out beyond bags....but me....well I just need to spend more time doing it. im still trying to talk myself into making a quilt!

its such mental therapy. having a busy family is great, but I truly need some bobbi time once in awhile. But dont we all???

Maybe ill get brave enough to have a give away celebrate my accomplishments. stay tuned bloggers.

Monday, August 3, 2009

dont just fixing blog.

what a mess. i tried to fix something on my blog and BAM....lost my background. its ok tho, i was sick of it. so bear with me.....its a work in progress. are you all working on your friendship bags? thanks HEIDI for turning me onto that bag swap. i cant wait!!! fall is so far away!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friendship Bag Swap

I have joined the friendship bag swap. I am SOOO excited!! I cant wait to make something fun, fill it with my fav sewing goodies and make a new sewing friend. If you want to join, click here to link and register. lets have some fun....deadline is soon....dont miss that being pushy?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Proud mom football bag!

Here is the "footballmom" bag i made last year. My son plays highschool football.....and a woman needs her bag to tote all her fun football gear to the games. I put his number on one side and the F for the HS and falcons on the other side. The whole thing was done in his HS colors. I cant wait to dig it out again in a month......cuz 2 a days is only 2 weeks away. Poor kid...but ive never been a prouder parent. He was determined to play last year (after never playing football a day in his life). he lost a ton of weight and bulked up. now he is sportin' a jock bod, a big neck and a mohawk.
Isnt my baby adorable and mean looking all at the same time. LOL

AJ is truly a great kid with a great heart and i know will go places in life. He is actually tossing around the military right now....but we have 2 years left of HS, so for now we play football and mom screams in the stands. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!