Thursday, March 22, 2012

April 20th Friday Night Sew In--BIG Announcement

You know how we always stress that the purpose of the FNSI is to take time for YOU?! Since we all have a tendency to put others before ourselves?

Well, we are changing that in April... but in a good way.

By now, I’m sure you have heard about the organization called Conkerr Cancer. I love their tag line at the top of their website “Giving sick kids a reason to smile.. one pillowcase at a time.”

What does that have to do with Friday Night Sew In you ask? Well, for the month of April, we have partnered with Arrow Sewing Cabinets and Conkerr Cancer.

We would like to ask each and everyone who participates in the April Friday Night Sew In on April 20th, to make a pillowcase for a critically ill child. Just think of how many children we could make smile if we do this together!

Of course – making a pillowcase is totally optional. You can still make your own planned projects if you choose. But Heidi and I thought that maybe just for the month of April – we could join together and do this as a group. Just think of the impact we could have.

If you decide to join us and make a pillowcase (or more than one) – here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Please use this pattern/guidelines for making your pillowcase.

2. Use cheery fabrics for kids – colorful and fun as possible. They love the fabrics with food on them like donuts and pizza.. or sports teams are always popular too. Or racing/Nascar fabrics - etc.

3. Remember many patients are adolescent boys and girls, we always need pillowcases appropriate to teenagers as well as the young ones.

4. Cotton or flannel only!

5. Mail your completed pillowcases (at anytime before the deadline) to:

Arrow Cabinets
310 O’Conner Dr
Elkhorn WI 53121

*Be sure to add a note to let them know you are part of the April FNSI!!

Arrow Cabinets will also be sponsoring the Giveaway for this special event. And what a giveaway it will be!

To be eligible for the giveaway – you must make at least one pillowcase (and mail it).

The GRAND Prize is this rolling tote!! **

And 2nd Prize is this amazing June Taylor Kit.**

We will draw the winner of the Grand Prize on Sunday April 22nd.

We will draw the winner for the 2nd prize from all the pillowcases received at Arrow Cabinets by May 11th. That gives everyone time to get them in the mail.

**Prize winners will not receive their prize until Arrow has received their pillowcase.

So - What do you think? Are you as excited to be a part of this as we are? You could even start sewing pillowcases now.. why wait!! Gather up your sewing friends.. make pillowcases together! Just make sure to mail them with your name and let them know you are a part of the FNSI group!!

Click here because the sign ups are already posted!  YAY!!!  The official FNSI is on April 20th, but you can start sewing and mailing those pillowcases anytime and you will still get your name in for these awesome prizes!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quilters Day Swap

have you all heard?  there is an AMAZING swap being hosted by my cousin HEIDI at handmadebyheidi going on right now.  click on her link to sign up.

the best part is you can make whatever you want!  a bag, a mugrug, a pin cushion.....whatever your little heart desires. 

i cant wait because i haven't done a swap in a longgggg time.  i love to toss in something from my town like a starbucks vegas mug.  (Heidi gave me that idea a few years back). 

the project deadline isn't until May 1.....but the sign ups end soon.  jump over HERE and get on that list.  lets swap some handmade goods!  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

FNSI winner

My winner for this months FNSI (friday night sew in) via is:

#148----Susan at
WOOHOO   Congrats Susan!!!  VERY cute baby quilt!!!

if you email me your address....ill be sending you something really cool!  wanna see it?

its the new book by:  crazymomquilts!!!  i hope you've seen her blog, but if not take a few hours or days and surf her amazing quilts!  i hope you enjoy her new book.

order a signed copy of my book!

Looks like there are some fun projects in here!!!  ill have to order me one too :)
I'm going to send it to you directly from amazon......yay!!

you all had some fun projects this month!!!  lots of leprechauns were sewing with us :)

be sure and hop over to HEIDIs blog for her winner!!!  we are both giving away this fabulous book!

see you next month!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March FNSI results

A longtime friend of mine is moving to Atlanta.  So i figured she needed a bag to remember me by!

hence, another Margo Bag!!  oh ya...and a Happy St. Patty's day to ya! 

a few years ago my mom gave me this st pattys guy as a gag gift.  she knows we love having Irish in us....even if its just a tad.  Irish is Irish right?  I know he enjoyed being in the photos too.

I took the city ATLANTA and just did a funky stitch around it on her pocket to make it extra special.  The front panel of the bag also has cities that I know are special to her.  That's whats fun about this Sweetwater Fabric-hometown.  You are able to make it a bit personal. 

BUT, this specific color was really hard to match with other fabs.  its the light teal color.  The canvas even has a bit more of a faded look, so by trial and error i finally found a background fabric to put with it.  its from the Ruby line and has teeny tiny little gray polka dots. 

and of COURSE it is backed with corduroy!  come on now.....would i let you down not using cord on a bag?  pffftttt......

Remember to come back tomorrow to mine AND heidis blog for our winners.  we are each drawing one and have something special in mind for this months giveaway.  wait....isn't each month special?


Thursday, March 15, 2012

FNSI is tomorrow night---3/16/12

"Friday Night Sew In" is tomorrow night.  i know im a bit late posting this, but if you all follow HEIDIs blog you've already seen the sign ups.  if not, click HERE to get signed up.

Here is an update on some of my previous posts:

--im patiently waiting for my dad and hubby to cut my peg board and put it in the frame.  that project is on hold.  (booo)
--im loving the ideas for my aqua kitchen accents.  THANKS to all of you!!! 

this week has been rough.  i hate the time change.  i mean seriously hate it.  i get up really early for work, so this hour thing is making it worse.  i recently changed my hours and LOVE them cuz i get off early and have lots of time to do things, but when that alarm chimes at 415 i usually shed a tear or two. 

im spending my night cutting some fabrics out.  i have a few bags to make so im getting a jump start on FNSI.  do you all make bags?  i LOVE LOVE LOVE them but the process can be a bit lengthy.  there are times it takes 3+ hours to make a bag.  thats without getting interrupted a kabillion times.
cutting, ironing on interfacing, sewing, ironing, sewing, ironing.  you get the picture. 

hope you all have your projects in mind for tomorrow night.  dont forget to click HERE for the sign ups.  "see" you all then! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012


my kitchen needed color, but i couldn't decide on a color to paint my walls.  then i saw this.....

yep, just a cheap ol' dish towel from walmart.  it got my wheels turning.  my counters have a green to them.  its NOT a color i would choose and its hard to decorate around.  this towel had the green and AQUA together.  so it gave me an idea.

i went on a search for just the right items.  i like the country look.....but Ive done the reds, greens, yellows.  i needed AQUA but with a semi country flair.

here are the items i picked up to work with.  the chicken is country right?  LOL

i know your thinking WHAT THE........!!!!   well once they got up on my cupboards i think they blend together nicely.  i said the same me.  but the items were reasonably priced, so i knew i could ditch something if it was hideous! 

sorry for the bad lighting.  its hard with my kitchen because its a bit gloomy.  this was my dilemma on painting it or not.  for now i guess my walls will stay builder beige.  BUT, i do have a pantry door and i have seriously pondered painting it like tatertotsnjello did.  (aqua)  i just don't think im that brave.  ;)

i LOVE my cake stand on the island.  most of my items were bought at HOMEGOODS.  that store has the best bargains.  i didn't spend a bunch of money so i wont feel guilty when im sick of the aqua colors.

what do you think?  I'm being serious here.  i live in a house with nothing but boys, so i don't have a honest girls opinion yet. 

isn't my gnome the best part of the kitchen?  my thoughts are when its a mess, I'm blaming him!

Railroad Tunnels

last weekend instead of working on my peg board project, me and my fellas went on a 7mile hike.  thats one of the perks living here.  there are hiking trails all around us.  crazy how ive lived here for a LONG time and never heard of this trail. 

these are old Railroad tunnels built in the 30s for the Hoover Dam project.  it is now an easy flat trail that leads you through 5 tunnels.

it was a sunny beautiful day of around 75 degrees....let me take you on a walk.

the hubby and son getting ready to go into tunnel #1.  my son is always a goof ball....he is so 13!

the entire trail lead us along the lake.  it was a beautiful view! 

the temp dropped about 10+ degrees inside.  i know there are bats around here at im staying behind them in case any fly out.  safety in the rear!  :)

hard to believe they built these 80 years ago!!!  

along the entire trail were these boards with fun filled facts about them building the tunnels and using them for the Hoover Dam.  our sad lake.....its REALLY low.

one fact was how the builders worked in the HOT desert heat and their families lived down below where the lake is now----- in tents.  IN.THE.HEAT.    it can get 120 degrees out here!  HOW did they survive?  


my handsome fella posing for his momma. 

ok, this is a hole in the mountain and the guys are shining a spotlight from their iphone.  i snapped this picture and ran as they said "i see a tail".  snakes....scorpions....lizards OH MY.

next time i want to bike this trail. 

but i guess i need a bike first eh?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Peg board project

looky what im doing this weekend!!

hopefully i can get it all done to show you in a few days.  its a pegboard for my craft room! 
these peg boards are a decent price at lowes and they have kits for the hooks and whatnot's.

i took my dad out garage sailing this morning and found this old frame.  his comment was
"ummm isn't that a little fancy for a peg board?"
i said "oh have SOOO much to learn about refurbishing old goods."
2 words......