Monday, September 28, 2009

adorable bag!!!

my sister kristie started this bag obsession a few years ago. she has always been extremely talented! well....check out this bag! it has a few fabric swatches she made with words on them that are personal for me and our family! i LOVE LOVE this bag!!! isnt it adorable? the colors are fun....the pattern is sooo cute. it is my new fav bag to use!

Ive had to sort of hide it for awhile cuz my cousin Heidi was getting one too. she got hers in the mail today. we only wish kristie lived closer so we could share fabrics, ideas, shop together! a big whopping THANK YOU to my sister for this bag and this sewing obsession that she started!!! its her bday ill have to come up with some cute crafty sewing project to make her. MUAH---big kiss for ya ging!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Must Read!!

My sewing buddy HEIDI sent me a fantastic gift! The material obsession book! Its a must have for quilters. Ive been curled up on the couch tonight reading page by page and wow---these ladies are fantastic!

So a big THANK YOU to HEIDI for sending me this book. It is truly an inspiration to get my first quilt done (which is ready to be pinned and finished) and start on a new project. I still havent decided what to make next---but ill have to get out the "Project list" I have going and just pick one.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

fabric...where are you?

I have been waiting patiently ALL month for the new moda lines of AUTHENTIC and HAPPY CAMPER to hit my local quilt stores. Well, they still arent here and most of my shops arent ordering them. WHAT the heck is that about? Authentic is coming to atleast 1 store, but happy camper isnt? They also dont even seem to know what those lines are. This shocks me because how can you sell MODA and NOT know the new lines being released? WOW, maybe i need to be their buyers? I even have a project lined up for the camper line.....but aint comin'.

Dont make me buy off of ebay....cuz one buy is never enough. Then i have to explain to the hubby why i just spent 100bucks on ebay when i said i was only buying 1 single charm pack for 10 bucks! LOL

I want to be a happy camper....i really do! i guess its off to spend all my hard earned money on shipping fees.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Got Cord?

These bags are so fun to make!! Joanns has the good corduroy right buy it up people. its seasonal.

This is for a good friend of mines bday. I hope she likes it. Its fun fabrics and a nice size bag. perfect for books, magazines etc.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

sunday dreamin'

is this the most B E Autiful picture you have ever seen? i didnt take this one in montana but wow, i want to live down this road. i want to take morning walks in a light drizzle of rain down this path. i want the wind to blow these leaves in my yard. i want the husband to have to rake them all up. HAHA

I know vegas will not be my home forever so the day i get to live on the outskirts of a big city....with a wrap around porch will be the day i call heaven. this picture to me......priceless. ill watch some football today and pretend its 50 degrees outside. maybe even sew a little.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

9 patch quilt along---use them scraps folks!

My sewing buddy HEIDI and i have decided to work on a 9 patch quilt together. We have seen them on a few blogs----this blog being an inspiration. These quilts are so adorable and i have a good stash of fab scraps going.....what a better way to utilize every single inch of every single yard youve ever bought? It will also be so fullfilling to have a quilt made by me with scraps of fabs i used on certain bags and projects. almost like a diary of fabric.

We had a great friday night sew-in. we both did a project and also worked on a few of these 9 patches. I will need to make 70 patches......i have done 6. only 64 to go. WOOHOO. we gave ourselves a hefty deadline but i have a feeling its going to be sooner.

keep an eye on heidi over at to see how we are both doing on our patches. im going to start a little tally----so when you see only 48 to go...only 35 to go...only 22 to go you know what im talking about.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Night Sew-in

Its time....its friday night. My sewing buddy and i have been doing a friday night sew-in for a few months and its SOOO much fun. ok last week i fell sleep on the she was gracious enough to plan another. Its not every friday night for goodness sakes......its a few here and there. Our lives are soooo busy----but its the one fun nite we spend together. Together via blackberrys----but we share projects with there for each other while we are creating new projects. Tonight we are both working on seperate things, but the one im making she has done and the one she is making ive done. Its our HELP line so to speak.

its almost i better get off the computer checking blogs, surfing fabs and stalking other bloggers. happy sewing.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

friendship swap---she got my gift!

here is what i made for my friendship bag swap person! Her name is Grace, she lives in maine and has a really neat blog! She truly is a talented quilter!!! Ive been waiting 3 long days for it to arrive and it made it safe and sound. The bag was SO much fun to make. I put this label inside her bag. I added a saying she has on her blog for a little "personal" touch. It turned out SOOO cute! The pin cushion was from a local quilt store. I came home and actually made a few myself. (there is a free tutorial online for it). I made one for my sis and mom. Im just happy Grace liked the "bag of goodies"!

I also made a bag for my sister and my cousin. They made it to their destinations also this week. ill have to get a few pics together and post later. My family is calling......

Monday, September 14, 2009

friendship bag swap

I sent my package so excited for her to get it. once she does, ill post pics. i dont want to ruin the surprise!!! this will make for a LONGGG week!

have i told you? HEIDI is having a giveaway!!! your crazy to not sign up because she is giving away not 1, not 2 but 3 prizes! 3 3 3 3 3

check it out! sign up! win some of her CUTE things! why am i pushing this right now when im in the running to get atleast 1 item? hmmm.....good question. ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

FAVRE---in purple

ahhh....i love football season. unlike many wives i enjoy a good game. my house is weird. 4 of us and 4 favorite teams. it does make it a little exciting. I am of course of vikings fan....being from fargo ND which is on the border on MN. I truly am praying favre can take us to a super bowl. its been far too long.

man he looks good in purple. he is my age so its funny to hear the sports guys all commenting how old he is. but i think even after all of these years, he will still be able to pull off a great season and kick some BUTT!

ive had a busy day for football opener. i went to the grocery store early and discovered how fun it is cuz its all men buying football food. makes it entertaining to see them all mill around, lost, just grabbing anything that looks edible. i came home, baked 2 quiches (which i should give the recipe for), made hashbrowns, made my moms yummy mexican dip for a snack later. then got some lasagne sauce rolling and just put that in the oven. all of this while watching football. why do men have to sit on the couch to get a game in? women----we can watch and hoot and holler from the kitchen sink!

check out heidis giveaway!!!

OMG, you HAVE to check out Heidi's giveaways! Her apron is adorable!!! She used an old pair of denim/shorts overalls. put some amy butler flare on them and viola.....done. CUTE CUTE CUTE!

I love her 50 things about her list too.....i even learned something new about her!
I love giveaways. im hoping to do one soon....but maybe ill hold off until my 50th post too. its a mile stone. or heck, i would do one if i had some more followers HAHAHA.

I dont care about followers.....they will come i guess. Its because i love blogging. its fun to share something about my life with the world. Mine and Heidi's family is extremely personable! We love everyone.....we talk to anyone....we love to laugh.....we cherish our family and friends......we consider friends part of family and everyone treats them as a true member.

so check out her is the link incase you missed it!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

shopping today....all goodies for ME!

I did a mini shop hop today and found some FUN items. here are just a few. there are a couple off camera that i bought as for my Friday night sewing buddy HEIDI and something for my sisters bday coming. I felt so bad....i was suppose to do my Friday night sew-in last night but couldn't get off the couch. Heidi was diligently working on her projects and i was snoring next to my sleeping 16 y/o. I guess we both had a long week.
anyhoo....i spent the entire morning by myself. first on the agenda was garage sales. that was a bust. nothing...nada....zilch. BUT that gave me more money to spend in the quilt stores and boy did i ever. I have fabric buying guilt right now....but that too will pass. I went to 3 out of my 5 shops in the las vegas valley. i mustve used a tank of gas cuz the ones i picked were on all corners. heck one was in boulder city! over the river and through the lie. (ok no river cuz we are a desert and no woods cuz yet again...desert). LOL
the above items are a kit for an ADORABLE thanksgiving hanging to use with modas gobble gobble line. the other kit is an xmas snowman kit. its soo cute! do i keep it, or give to my mom? years ago mom starting collecting snowman stuff for xmas. our precious ornaments she has had on the tree all of these years have now been replaced by a guy with 3 balls. ok, i couldnt resist that statement. Sorry if thou offended anyone.
back to the sewing machine---its bobbis saturday afternoon sew-in. ill have to buz heidi and see if she if her machine is purrrinnggg.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bag with a New Label

Here is a new label I made for my bags tonight. A friend/coworker is moving back to michigan and i wanted to send her off properly....with a bag made by bobbi!!! She is very earthy, so i know this bag will suit her perfectly.

I will miss you! GOOD luck in michigan!!! enjoy the fall season changes, the snow, the lakes, the good midwest people!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great compliment from my son!

Last weekend, my 16 y/o son made me a few CDs for the car. he did this without asking.....because he loves music and ive trained him to like the good stuff. He is a metal head, but still loves a little jimmy, zep etc.

So i play one of the cds and wow, this kid really knows his mom. It was good 80s music. Very strange how he would know what songs i liked back then, but he can pick them out!!!

It got me thinking about my first car i bought....A Red Honda Prelude! I was SOOOO cool. heehee so guess what the first song/cassette i cranked up in my new car was? Barracuda---Heart. I know in all these years ive never told AJ that story. So what song was on my cd??? Yep, you guessed it. Barracuda!

OK getting back to the im sitting there listening to these songs and thinking back....way back.... AJ says "mom, you and i wouldve been the best of friends back then.....not dating.....just great friends".

Monday, September 7, 2009


Is there any better season than fall? this picture is near my sisters in montana. Mom and I were lucky enough to go last fall. The weather was PERFECT and all the leaves were changing. AHHH what a perfect trip that was.

Living in the desert makes you miss things as simple as leaves changing. It doesnt happen here like the normal places. Wearing shorts until oct/nov just still never seems normal. I grew up in North Dakota and still miss those seasonal changes.

I even made some soup this weekend. Im getting excited about football games, jeans and maybe even a cozy sweatshirt by november??? But with the temps cooling off to under makes a difference!!!

I have been sewing today and will be posting my friendship bag soon. I had to take a break but stay tuned.....cuz my machine just called my name.

happy labor day!

Friday, September 4, 2009

friendship bag---my anxiety

im staring at my fabric kingdom and have anxiety over my friendship bag swap project. what if they dont like it....what if its the color they hate...what if they laugh at my sewing abilities? why would something like this be so important to me?? its my first could be to a blogger who is very important to the fabric/quilting/blogging community! do i go with "safe" fabs? what FUN item can i put inside?

what will MY person send me? i know i will LOVE matter what. so now what? i know i know...just have fun and do it! jeez....the excitement....the pressure....ok im picking a fab and going to get it over with. cuz i know once i get rolling, ill probably make a few of them for fun.

i love sewing and quilting! i actually feel a part of something now. i feel like i am a part of a fun world. fabrics, projects, fun people.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

bag in the making...

108 sultry squares cut...all ready for me to get off work for a long labor day weekend. how exciting is that? all i have to say is THANK GOD for MODA!!! how can you not love their fabs AND their charm packs, layer cakes, jelly rolls, honey buns, turnovers. man oh man do they make the life of a working crafty mom easy! its also pretty reasonable when you buy those packs and use them in quilts, bags, and projects.

im busy....i work, have a family, lots to do in life. i cant imagine buying yardage and cutting all of those squares. yep, im a cheater. i used a charm pack and some yardage. but how sweet it is!

stay tuned....bag should be coming soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

weekend projects

I am lining up my projects for this weekend and already have 3 in the works. they are all bags, but ive also got a quilt idea in mind. my sister came to town last week with the CUTEST bag...i just HAVE to make it this weekend! I will also have to add to my fabric kingdom to get the quilt in my mind going. Have you all seen the FUN FUN FUN new fabrics moda is releasing this month. they are just evil to do this so close to xmas. its making me rethink xmas presents....not use what fabric i already greedy and want more more more. I cant wait to get a few of them!!! ive even called my local stores and done the digging of who bought what and what they will have for sale. WHY do they all seem to be so picky on the fun new fabs?
this is the first labor day ive taken off in years, so im planning on making it MY day. Bobbi's sew-in i guess i will call it. There is 1 project that is a MUST. My friendship swap bag. I will feel really guilty if i get mine in the mail and dont even have mine planned for my sewing friend. I also need a fun idea of a goodie to put inside. hmmm.......too bad i have to work all week. I could use an extra day for shop hopping. guess ill just have to sneak out early saturday morning and hit a few stores. the downfall---the FUN ones are across town. THIS is the reason i hate living in the big city....nothing is close. I am originally from North Dakota and miss being able to get across town in minutes--even with bad weather. LOL
hmm...what else is on my mind tonight? i have had a pretty stressful week and day. You know those days where NOTHING goes right? yep, thats me today. I thought that maybe sitting down staring at fabric and moving piles around would be some mental therapy. It did help and actually got me excited to end this week with a bang...maybe a friday night sew-in with myself. My friday night sew-in partner Heidi will have a houseful of tween boys, so i wish her well while i burn up some thread and fabric without her.