Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dum dum bouquet

a crafty cousin of mine made me this.  yeah, we are all pretty much crafty!  LOL
i would love to have enough room on my desk at work for this.....but for now im enjoying it in my kitchen.  (i work in a teeeeny tinnnnny module---no lie)
all i know is she used her cricut, dumdums and a styrofoam ball on the inside. 

 her pot is from hobby lobby.  she said all their spring/summer stuff is on sale.  check out that butterfly on the top.  it has bling!!!

heres a picture to show you how big it is.
but wait.....oh pathetic am I???  im a techno geek right now.  this is where im kicking it and contemplating my night.

laptop, ipad, cell phone, home phone, old fashioned rootbeer candies, Coke, and stuff to make s'mores because im seriously thinking that could be my dinner!!!  at least my kitchen is kind of clean.  just dont peak in the sink. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Taco Ring Recipe

I guess this is an oldie....but i have just discovered it!  its super simple and the kids love it.  Ive been told its a pampered chef recipe.  they are quite creative!!

what you will need is:
1 lb browned hamburger.
1 pkg taco seasoning and water as directed
2 packages of crescent rolls
toppings of your choosing.

Brown the hamburger.  Add the taco seasoning and any water as directed on package.  let simmer for a few minutes.
add the cheese to the meat mixture or you can add on top as i did later.

i used a pizza pan tonight, but have also made on a simple cookie sheet.  either way worked fine.

open your crescent packages and separate on the perforated edges.  place on a circle pattern, like a sunflower.  make sure the points are on the outer edge.  you will overlap the rolls on the inner edge.

spread your taco mixture on the inner edge.  i put the cheese after....but you can mix it in with the meat before putting on the crescents.

fold over the crescent roll "points" and tuck the points under.  see your beautiful ring?  oh gets better.

bake at 375 for 20-25....or until golden brown like below.  when you open your oven, prepare to drool a little. 

isn't that just yummy?

the toppings i added on my plate were salsa, lettuce, some avocado.   you could do rice, beans, name it!

hope you enjoy!!!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

MINOT needs help

As you may know I'm a NORTH DAKOTA native.....and its always close to my heart.

I have family in a few different areas of ND, and Minot is one of them.  A cousin of mine had to evacuate today at the last minute.  its terrifying to watch what these people are going through.  most of the city will be under water very soon....and I am talking a TON of water.

if anyone wants to help, please donate to the Minot Red Cross.  These people will lose everything, and be displaced for a very long time. 

anything will help.....but especially prayers!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We made it! He did it!!

my graduate
my soon to be a college student.
ive never been a prouder mom. 

the proud brothers!
my 2 buddies.
im so grateful these guys love each other! 
im lucky they respect each other.

me and my hubby.....the proud parents. 

the cake.....lets not forget the cake!

to all of you parents that have made it through graduation......hats off to you!  to all of us that made it happen after 13 longggg years of schooling....a BIG HIGH 5!!

congrats class of 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011


i decided not to make you all wait for this months winner .....  cuz you are all awesome!!!  i read all of your comments....all 119 of them and i love how into this FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN thing you are!  Heidi and I love doing this and thats why we have come back each and every month for almost 2 years.  :)

the above photo is my giveaway this month.  the saucer pin cushion and a box of moda sweet treats. 

the winner is ........  (drum roll please) courtesy of
#51 Karen T. over at Sew Much 2 Luv    CONGRATS Karen!!!  she has made some ADORABLE pinwheel blocks!  if you get some time, surf her blog because her aprons and bag are adorable!

Karen send me an email and ill ship your package out this week.

see you all next month.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

FNSI results and some family fun

my results for last night are sad....but its for a good cause :)

 I made this pin cushion last night and thats it.....but its for YOU.  its for the giveaway tomorrow.
very summery eh?  if you want to see how i make these, click HERE to see my previous post.

 my sewing room...."the mom cave".... also got cleaned.  see i have family in town.  lots going on this next week.  have i told you my sons graduating?  yeah, its FINALLY HERE!  LOL
best thing house is spotless!  (dont ya love it when that happens?)

 here is my father in law riding this little contraption my son has.  cigar in his mouth and all!  HILARIOUS!

 ok, time to get back to my family, my busy world, and my graduateeeee.  im so proud of him! 

be sure and check back tomorrow for the winner.  I will be announcing it at some point.....but i have 2 airport runs to make, company to entertain, and shopping to do.  so no guarantees how long i will make you all wait.  teeeeeheeeee

Thursday, June 16, 2011

stocking stand for the pink purse---its a RE-DO

Way back when.... like around christmas time i said i was going to redo my xmas stocking stand.  well hold on tight....cuz i did my first paint/sanding/glazing technique.

i have become a new blogstalker of miss mustard seed.  its all her fault i haven't touched real fabric in months.  I'm now buying drop cloths, paint, antiquing glaze......oh my!  but don't fret, tomorrow night is FNSI which means i  HAVE to sew SOMETHING right?

well here is my new hall hat/jacket/purse/bag stand.  ahhh....i think my foyer is now complete.....(yeah right)

my dad and i had made these years ago for our xmas stockings.  not having a fireplace has always bummed me out, until we made these!  all it took was a wood fence post, some 2x4 for the bottom and the hooks which i found at Pier One. 

the low hook was always used for our dogs stocking.  (yeah, he gets the goods from santy clause too)
well its PERFECT for my little hot pink summer purse.  (how the heck do you get those lines out of a new rug???) 

had to take an outdoor pic while it was drying.  do you know i actually painted this puppy in my foyer last weekend?  INSIDE the house.....LOL   I'm an indoors crafter, what can i say.

all i used was a container of some oops paint from lowes that looked white/offwhite---for $3 i didn't care what it actually was.  i sanded down the edges for the worn look and finished it off with valspar antiquing glaze.  my xmas colors are coming thru on the areas i sanded, but i think it gives it more character.

my house is strange....i almost have 2 foyers by the front door.  But the coat closet is in a diff hall.  (because we added on a bedroom instead of a tandem garage )  The foyer to the left still needs some pizazz.....but im working on that in the garage in a few weeks.  (a hidden small garage sale table....shhh don't tell the hubby)

those hooks were never really i guess ill have to make one for the xmas stockings. Its time to get those power tools ive been asking for! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

bench pillows

if your looking for the FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN HERE

im obsessed with pillows right now.  ive been hunting for some to buy, but they cost SO MUCH $$$ !!!
they really are one of the easiest things i have ever made.  so last night i got to work.  i went to a local shop and found the pillow on the right 60% off because it had a fabric tear at the seam/cording.  um H E L L O who cant fix a tiny seam right? 

im in love with my pillows!!!

isnt this HOME one adorable?  made from a drop cloth.  my fav new fabric.

 my lonely bench before....

my happy bench after! 

i love being crafty!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

painted garage sale frames

click HERE if you are looking for the FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN sign ups.  5 days and counting :)

you know those crazy gold painted photo frames?  during one of my garage sale adventures this spring, i found a few for less than $1.00 and knew they would be adorable painted.



 I am patiently waiting for the spray paint to dry.  ive pondered glazing/antiquing them for a warn look.  not sure a little scared to tackle glaze. 

im also working this monogrammed burlap pillow to put on my new hall bench.  :)
i think ill save putting it together for this up coming FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN.  have you all SIGNED up?

i have never sewn with burlap.  is it a pain?  is it shifty?  any helpful hints?


sew many ways


Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Night Sew In signups for 6/17/11

this months Friday Night Sew In is NEXT friday.....June 17th.  Below is the signup list.  Here is a refresher of the directions:

The Friday Night Sew-In is a virtual get together hosted by myself and my cousin HEIDI
(aka  handmadebyheidi)

We try to schedule the FNSI the 3rd Friday of each month. Here are the participation guidelines.

1. When the sign-ups are posted - add your name to the list with a link to your blog.

2. Make a post on your blog - letting all your readers know about the sew-in. Spread the word.. we could all use the virtual sewing support and encouragement.

3. On the night of the FNSI - Get your house settled, put on your comfy jammies.. maybe make a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine.. and sit down to work on some of those projects.

4. Then, sometime on Saturday - publish a post about what you worked on.. show us a picture or two on Flickr. There is a FNSI group on Flickr if you haven't already joined. Totally optional.

The name of the Flickr group is FNSI.

Each month we giveaway something awesome to one lucky participant.. some times we select 2 people.

cant wait to "see" you next friday night!  dont forget.....its NEXT friday night.  JUNE 17

Thursday, June 9, 2011

recipe---cajun chicken pasta

have you ever eaten at chili's? 
have you ever had their Cajun Chicken Pasta?

well......i have created my own and thought i should share it with you in blogland.

can i just tell you that this huge pampered chef bowl was at a garage sale for $4.00----SCORE!
i LOVE it!  its perfect for the family dinners.

I'm sorry but i don't have many exact measurements, because some of it is more to your taste.  but if you cook, you should be able to figure it out like i did.


1 jar alfredo sauce  (any kind will do)
milk  (maybe about 1/4-1/3cup)
cayenne pepper
salt/pepper to taste
fresh parmesan cheese  (about 1/4 cup or less)
1-2 pats of butter  (do you know a pat is 1tbsp)
chicken  (can make your own or buy a rotisserie from grocery store already cooked)
green onion tips
tomatoes if desired (i hate raw tomatoes so i omit)

cook pasta as directed on box, drain.  i make the sauce while the pasta is cooking so its all warm at the same time.  (the key to cooking is timing......something i have been told im good at )  :)

pour the jar of alfredo sauce into a skillet pan on stove top----use a med-low temp to prevent scorching.
add milk---small amounts at a time.  don't get it too runny, but don't leave it too thick. 
add cayenne pepper to taste.  i wanted it a little spicy, so i used about a teaspoon.
add salt and pepper to taste.  ( sauce was already salty so be careful with the salt)
add your "pat" of butter. 

I stirred it often to ensure it didn't burn on the bottom.  add a little parmesan cheese while its cooking.....but warning #2---this can make it gooey (professional cooking term there).  so only add a SMALL amount.  maybe 1/8 of a cup if even!!  you will add more at the end.

when it bubbles and is basically heated through,  pour it over your warm drained pasta that's in your large serving dish.  stir the sauce in.  Lastly,  sprinkle some more parmesan cheese on the top, the green onions and tomatoes if desired.  add your cut up chicken and you have yourself some easy cajun chicken pasta!

serve with your favorite garlic bread and call it DONE!

now what i wanted to do was bake/grill my own chicken with some type of blackened cajun seasonings on it, but after a long hard day at work its all about easy!  thank you to my local grocery stores for continuing to bake those yummy chickens!

I'm giving you a recipe because there isn't much crafting going on at my house right now.....BOOOOO
i am in full "holy-crap-company-is-coming-in-a-week" mode. don't EVEN get me going on my laundry pile! 

i hope you enjoy the recipe!  try it....its worth it.