Sunday, May 29, 2011

chair redo with a drop cloth seat

$5.00 flea market chair


If you aren't addicted drop cloths yet, maybe this chair will inspire you. (drop cloth that measures 4x5 at your local home improvement store for around $5.00)   come on....i know you want to make something with this stuff!  I've made a few pillows too.   see HERE and HERE

lets talk about my little chair.  (perfect for a desk)
have you all seen a chair this gross? i wouldn't even let my dog sniff the seat.  LOL

blehck!!!  well, for those of you who think there is no way you could ever redo a chair, let me show you how SIMPLE it is.   lots of people just throw chairs like this out on the keep your eyes peeled on garbage days.

i still might paint the chair, but for now the wood is in really good shape.  all you do is remove the screws from the underside of the seat.  there were 4 total.

yep.....i ain't lying.  its that simple!  the seat lifts right off.  no one has glued it down or nothin'.  weird huh?
i guess they trust their screws.  ;)

now is the fun part.   you pick out your fabric OR drop cloth and cut a piece large enough to wrap over batting that is your cushion.

then here is the NOT so fun part.  i spared you the pics.  you now have to pull all those staples out and remove the GaROSS fabric and wasn't pretty.   lucky for me a bunch of staples pulled right out with the fabric. 
you have your piece of fabric/drop cloth all ready for re-applying to your seat.  i made a few simple lines with craft paint.  (you know pottery barn would have charged me like 150 bucks for one of these chairs). 

don't forget to put a bunch of batting (or you can do foam) so your seat is padded again. 

line up your fabric nicely and staple the fabric to the wood seat with your hubbys heavy duty staple gun.


I'm on the hunt for an old hall bench i can do this to......  anyone near Vegas have one up for grabs?  :)
call me........

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

come on in and meet MARGO

"MARGO" just arrived from Montana. 

my sister made me a bag ....  isn't it flippin sweet?!?!?!!  here is the pattern--its a "lazy girl design" pattern which she assures me is an easy bag to make.  i LOVE the colors.  its SOOO me.  orange, denimy blues.  the inside is filled with pockets going all the way around the bag.  my sister is REALLY good at thinking of special things when it comes to making bags.  she made one of the pockets shorter in depth so your cell phone doesn't sink to the bottom.  GENIUS!

 its actually a lot smaller than you think....but the PERFECT daily use size!!! 

 i also popped into my LQS yesterday while running around and picked me up some of this fabulous fabric by free spirit.  its grays, yellows, greens, blues.  i actually want to make something too....not just store it in my forever growing stockpile of fabs.  (if the world had ended yesterday, at least i would have had something to do---sewing with my foot pedal old sewing machine and stash of fabrics) 

oh and guess what else?  i met another blogger yesterday who works in my LQS.  Carolina of
she won the NO TOMATOES pin cushion contest with a VERY COOL cactus pin cushion......and she gave it away!  She is VERY sweet in person.  that is the first blogger i have ever met face to face. 

OH OH OH and HEIDI has posted the Friday Night Sew In winners. 
HEIDI worked on her pinwheel quilt and it makes me feel really bad for never following through finishing mine.  someday.....maybe someday.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

FNSI results--keep calm print

Have you seen THIS program that you can make your own "keep calm and...." posters?  I'm working on some graduation projects and made this one last night.  I'm starting to work on a picture collage for my son.  i think this will be the center :)

I'm also going to make myself a tshirt for his party with this using an iron-on transfer sheet.  maybe put our name on the back??  i know its not much, but that was my friday night sew in project.   :)

this week we had awards banquetts, baseball, work, life......shew its been a busy one!  my son lettered in speech/debate for 3 years in a row....and made it to nationals just this past month!!!  (don't ever get into an argument with a debater---take my word for it).   during his ceremony, the teacher has the kids give all the parents roses as a thank you for all we have to do for them during the year.  well, lets just say my son, husband and i all were in tears.  what will gradation night be like?  LOL...sniffsniffsniff

the middle of the week i got to decompress at my other sons baseball game.  it was so COLD that i had to curl up under THIS QUILT i made a few years ago.  very odd for Vegas in May.  (but i will NEVER EVER complain about cold!!!) 

This morning was my play time.....i went to garage sales.  LOVE LOVE LOVE garage sales. 
let me tell you, I've gotten some fabulous deals lately and have only spent about $20 each time I've gone.  kitchen chairs to refinish for $5, lamps for just a few dollars, pampered chef serving bowls, picture frames for 25cents.  another persons trash is MY TREASURE woopwoop. 

don't forget to check out Heidi's blog tomorrow for this months FNSI winners.  she is picking 2 winners this month thanks to Me and My Sister Designs!!!  those ladies are just FABULOUS!

Monday, May 16, 2011

NO TOMATOES pin cushion contest

You know how i LOVE my pin cushions.  well i have taken part in a pin cushion contest!  I swear I could make them all day long.  there are some really cute ideas and tutorials!  you should HOP over to ARROW CABINETS BLOG and check out all the fun ones people made.

ARROW CABINETS is also on a mission.....they are trying to get a ton of facebookers to LIKE them.  they are giving away things like crazy....they love friday giveaways (aprons, cutting mats, cases etc).  EVERY time they add 500 people, they give away a sewing table!  but the HUGE prize is going to be when they get to 5000 facebookers!!!   jump on this people......who doesn't want to be in the running for sewing goodies?  I want one of their chairs SOOO bad!

anyhoo-----are you all ready for this coming FNSI?  have you SIGNED up? 
do you have your projects ready?  i have found a cute one.....I'm starting to dig in my stash to see what i can come up with.  hopefully I don't get overwhelmed because I tend to fondle fabric but never follow through making things.
  (does this happen to you?)

in honor of our military taking such good care of our country lately (GO SEALS),  i have started making a camo bag.  I'm stuck on the layout-but hopefully i can get it to come together.  that could be another friday night project too.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prom and the homemade corsage/boutonniere

my oldest had his senior prom last night.  **sigh**

i had to put this picture on here and tell the story of the corsage and boutonniere.  the mom of a friend of my sons offered to make the corsage and boutonniere.  my son found roses on clearance from a local shop for $1 for a dozen of them.  yes, i believe i have taught him to bargain shop!  WOOHOO

yesterday he went and helped her make the corsage and boutonniere!  impressive huh?  he was SOOO proud to put that on her wrist.  he kept saying "i helped make those!". 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

family wall

ive been slowly working on this wall project.  gathering photos, frames etc.  im so excited because i had almost everything in my stash of goods.   last weekend i was able to get a few of these frames at a garage sale for $1.  what a steal compared to what they cost in the stores.

doesnt it just make my house look like a home? 

Handmade by Heidi

dont forget the FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN which is this coming friday night---5/20/11
for sign ups click HERE and be sure to blog about your project you worked on to be eligible for the giveaway.  you can blog either friday or saturday.  sunday we will announce the winner of a great prize Heidi has already talked about on her BLOG.

Monday, May 9, 2011

PURE baby bag and Friday Night Sew In Signups--the date is 5/20/11

click HERE for this months Friday Night Sew-In.  Heidi has some FABULOUS gifts for this month! be sure and sign up, blog about it and tell all of your friends.  the date is Friday 5/20/11.
also, you must sign up each month to be eligible for the drawing.  Make sure you are not a "no reply blogger". 

OK....for some REALLY CUTE sewing news.  check out this bag i made a few months back.  (dang blurry night time photos)

A good friend of mine, Jamie from Modified Mix, had an adorable baby boy a few months ago.  i made her some gifts and finally got them in the mail this past weekend.  our mail service must have known my excitement, because it traveled to NY in record time!!!

It was hard giving this one away.  But Jamie and Baby M are soooo worth it!  I made a few burp cloths, a few potholders, a crocheted dish cloth and an owl pincushion.  (forgot to take pics of some of it, but here are the burp cloths)  i used chenille for the backing and pure argyle for the front. 

but lets talk about the bag....LOL.  I used the PURE line by sweetwater.  perfect for a baby boy, but also functional for anyone who loves the blue/brown color palate.   

i added a little "craftyvegasmom" touch and used corduroy on the front pocket and the handles.  it just totally made this bag POP!!!

 thats the back.....

the inside i used a plain linen which has become a favorite lining of mine.  especially if i don't have a lot of yardage to use.  the earthiness of the linen totally went with the PURE line.

 the handles are extra long for that mommy who needs to dig inside to get a quick bottle or pacifier without removing it from her arm.  we all know those days when a baby is on one hip and the rest of your world is on the other hip. 

the pattern has always been one of my favorites by quilts illustrated.  its called the "charm party tote".  here is a link to the pattern.  if you haven't made one of Penny Sturgis' bags, you MUST try this one out.  her patterns are SOOO user friendly! 

i hope you enjoy the bag Jamie......because you deserve it!!!  shes a busy mom of 3 boys and a teacher!  heck, she deserves more than a bag and some goodies made by me.  :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!

MY MOM.....

i dont even know where to begin....because she is the best.  shes loads of fun, loving, feisty, caring, thoughtful beyond belief, funny, hip, kind hearted, and the list goes on and on and on.

she LOVES being a grandma!  she has created such a special bond with each of "her boys" as she says.  how many grandmas do you know that will chase a little one around the house, teach them to slide on the wood floors, get in the pool and play horse with them.  my boys are SOOO lucky to have her in their lives. 

shes a great-grandma now too....but still looks about 50.  look at her, she turned 68 this year!!!  i truly adore the woman.  she is my idol. 

to my boys........i love being your mom each and every single day. 

they give the best hugs EVER!  i can hear them down in the kitchen....and they are about to cook up some breakfast.  which means i need to shower because when the firemen come, i need to look my best!  teehee

I hope your mothers day is filled with as much love and laughter as mine !!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I was featured!

one of my new favorite blogs is SISTERS OF THE WILD WEST.  every sunday they do a link up party and i had my LETTER FRAME featured this week. 

Thanks to the ladies for featuring a project of mine.  what an honor :)