Friday, October 30, 2009


LOOK WHAT I GOT!!! Chris, a fellow friendship bag swapper, read my "missing bag" blog and was so kind to make me one and send it to me! it was filled with halloween candy too...yummy! I LOVE fall colors and halloween fabs!

So to you Chris.....a big THANK YOU for being so kind!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fabric overload

I have a small sewing area and the 4 fabric storage containers are a bit full. to me this means GET QUILTING!!! i truly do not want to buy another storage bin.....but i cant stop buying fabric. i have all of these ideas in my head, but after a long day at work, feeding the family, tossing a load of laundry too pooped to sew. the strange thing is i am up why cant i make myself sew at night?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i love this face

is this the face of an angel? he is a great kid too...always has been. im still shortening pants (had 3 pairs). im getting better at it too!

Matt and I have been looking at old photos for a school project and it makes me miss the little boy!

ok back to hemming....

Monday, October 26, 2009 pants are too long!

I just realized after looking at my blog i havent put pics on here of my little guy....ok not so little anymore but my baby!!! Matt is my true clown. around the age of 7 his 2nd grade teacher informed me he was the typical class clown. not in a bad way...but kept people laughing. i love that about him. he can laugh at himself too!

so tonight....i just tested my true sewing skills and had to shorten his school pants. i goofed on the first pair (totally fixable tho) and the second pair went perfect. this has been something ive been "scared" of forever. me being short---ive always bribed my mom into shortening my pants! well, it was about time i learned. im almost....ahem....40 for goodness sakes!!! (that still makes me shivvverrrr!!!)

winter comes fast in the desert. one day 90 and the next its CHACHACHILLY! well its happening tomorrow for us. i had bought these pants weeks ago---but yep waited until i had NO choice but to do the deed. pat-pat-pat on my back for doing it and only making a mess of 1 pair.

whats next to tackle you say? maybe a bed size quilt? youll just have to stay tuned.....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

sewing goods

as i sit down to sew this morning....i surround myself with my favorite MUST HAVE sewing items. im working on a bday project for my sister----so i cant share the fabs yet.

as you can see, i love the basics. i have my handy cutter, perfect little scissors, flat head pins (love em!!), Gutermann thread, basting pins in a soup bowl...... But my absolute MUST HAVE is my pin cushion/thread bag. I have that at my side anytime im sewing. i was lucky enough to find this fun gadget at a quilt store in phoenix. It was found during one of my sewing adventure weekends with my sewing buddy HEIDI. we actually bought a pattern, tried making our own...and by sunday said forget-about-it and went and bought one. LOL.

another must have are my cheap 1.99 IKEA scissors. I use these for cutting fusible interfacing---so if they get gooey i havent just ruined a perfectly good pair of fab scissors.

back to my secret project....have a fun lots of fun things....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Friendship swap---still waiting....

I made these 2 cute friendship bags for my 2 sewing buddies, Kristie (sister) and Heidi (cousin). they turned out SOOO cute! The swap deadline was 2 weeks ago...

I am still waiting for my cute little friendship bag of goodies to come in the mail...I am a little nervous that snail mail has lost my package.

I know my mailman has never been happier that we are actually getting our mail on a daily basis. so it has a good outcome....WAIT a minute.....maybe he is holding my box hostage so i keep getting the mail?

Friday, October 16, 2009


***updated with better photos!!! isnt it CUTE!

This is my very first and only quilt. It is the scruffily pattern on the moda bakeshop. It was very fun to make. The fabrics are woodland bloom by Moda. How can you not love all of the pinks, greens, blues, reds and tans!!

ive been working on this quilt all night trying to finish before the deadline. my pictures arent the best. tomorrow when the sun has risen in las vegas, i promise to take better pics!!!

I cant wait for our weather to get chilly so i can curl up on the couch with my very own quilt. Who could have ever thought making something this beautiful could be so exciting!! thank you for having this online quilt festival. Be sure and come back tomorrow to see what it looks like in the sunlight---with a better camera---in my green park. Thanks for looking!!!


Its time again for another friday night sew-in....HIGH 5!

my sewing buddy Heidi and i have found another fun filled friday night to sew together via blackberrys. if anyone would like to join doesnt have to be a sharing adventure via phones. it can be through your blog etc. Its just one of those nights we find ourselves without plans so we put a little time aside for some sewing projects.

we would welcome anyone in the sewing world to join in...cuz its kind of exciting. dorky maybe....but loads of fun! LOL

time to get that machine a' bangin' (cuz i need to change my needle) and my cutter a' slicin'. have a great weekend!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

51 posts!!!

I just realized i missed my 50th me its a milestone! i can sit and read blogs all day but its hard for me to write them.

Ive spent this past year trying to make more time for sewing....but with a busy family its hard. i work full time so i tend to get into my lazy mode. I am hoping when winter comes (as winter as you can get in vegas) ill have more umph to work on quilts. I still tend to sway to bags....because they are a quick project.

I have been making more corduroy bags this week for co-workers. They are so fun and simple--but a fullfilling outcome. I even have a few orders from family that i need to work on. the bag above might be MINE cuz i LOVE the pumpkin fabric with the fun lining. hmmm do i sell or selfish or giving....make money or be greedy?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


my baby went to homecoming tonight with his girlfriend. is it wrong i almost cried? he looked SO handsome and grown up! She was absolutely beautiful. All i can think is ive never been a prouder parent! he treats her like a queen!

And when he left, he HUGGED ME!!

I hope he had the time of his life....cuz highschool is the best of times. I would go a heartbeat.

Friday, October 9, 2009


look what i finally found......

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ive created bag stalkers!

yep...after a long year of making bags ....ive created bag stalkers. my friends now are beginning to look at peoples bags, stalk them thru stores, whip out their iphones and bring me pictures "can you make this?".

its hilarious. well last friday, a couple gals at work bring me a pic and low and behold its the birdie sling. yep, the monster bag by amy butler. ive been tempted to make one myself, but it truly scares me. LOTS of fabric for this sucker.

Of course im up to the challenge. im bringing them fab swatches so they can decide on their colors. wish me luck.....but i know i can do it! of course i can do "bags by bobbi" for goodness sakes! heehee

Thursday, October 1, 2009

is it wrong to love your mailman?

i love my mailman. i dont even know if its a he or a she. but whoever they are-- i love them. im terrible at getting my mail. but when youve discovered buying fabric on ebay.....its not scary to open the big metal box anymore. im going to tell my husband that i never need flowers from him again....not like i get them EVER---but i'd rather the fabric fairy visit me.

i had to get some things from ebay cuz my quilt stores dont have any of this fun fabric!! in love with happy camper. i cant wait to make a quilt out of it. but now i need more...i need a jelly...maybe a layer cake...some yardage....then therapy.