Monday, March 28, 2011

ill be a little absent.
life is crazy busy right now.
but good busy  :)

we are doing a lot of this.

 and planning something for this.

which means ill be doing a LOT of this 

does anyone have a 20 foot tall ladder?  
can anyone refinish a FREE kitchen table/chairs i was given?  (yes i said free)
are you handy at landscaping in the desert? plates a little FULL these days.

WISH ME LUCK!  be back soon........

Monday, March 21, 2011

its not ALL sinful

on your next trip to should try and visit REDROCK.  that is if you want to do something outdoorsy and not so naughty--teehee. 

this is how i spent my saturday.  heavenly!

 this is what it looks like from a distance.....look at this cute face.  love them dimples :)
 the family is ready to roll....even the dog!

 it was windy...hence the hats. 
 me and my little guy on a boulder.  it was straight down behind i was hanging on!

i might give up sewing for a few weekends to do this!  happy spring!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

FNSI winner

I don't know about you.....but i couldn't wait to find out who won that fabulous giveaway sponsored by Arrow Sewing Cabinets!!!

drum roll please......

the winner Heidi has drawn per is:
#175  BECCA at
she is working on an apron (very cute btw).....aren't we all apron crazy right now? 

congrats to Becca!!!  if you could email HEIDI your info, she will pass it along to Arrow Sewing Cabinets.

also don't forget to become a follower on Arrow Sewing Cabinets facebook.....  you could win a sewing cabinet and other goodies. 

the next FNSI will be April  mark your calendars and blog about it. 
see you then.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

FNSI results and exciting NEWS!

It was a short night last night for me....but I made another saucer pincushion and also was able to crochet a few more rows in my afghan. 

I could make a million of these little pin cushions.  i know your thinking "what is she going to do with all of them?".  well, i have a few friends that will be getting them in their swaps as a surprise (spoiler alert) but hey they wont know which one is theirs right? 

 the colors in my afghan are funky....but i love it.  its very 70's to me and kind of reminds me of my grandma.  you know how everyone in the 70s had one of those green afghans in their house?  this granny stripe pattern by ATTIC 24 is so fun and easy make.  i already have another color group to make for xmas for one of my sons.  its going to be different shades of grays, black, white and blues.  i can see it in my head.  im also giving myself plenty of time to work on it.  (if i start now LOL)

well.....the most exciting part of this weekend and FNSI is THIS----see the picture below.

have you ever heard of ARROW SEWING CABINETS?   they make some phenomenal sewing cabinets and are sponsoring this months FNSI giveaway!!!  woohoo!!!

they are giving away the above package to that one lucky be sure and blog about what you made last night.  Heidi and I will surf the blogs tomorrow and do a drawing for the one lucky person to get that great giveaway gift!!!

oh....and theres more.  you have GOT to follow them on facebook.....if you are on facebook that is. 
every friday they do a giveaway......AND.. are you ready for this?.. when they get to 1,500 fans they will be giving away a Gidget II sewing table (Moondoggie not included). And every time they get 500 more fans.. they giveaway another Gidget (2,000… 2,500… 3,000.. you get the picture). And I’ve heard that when they get to 5,000 fans they have something BIG planned.   can you believe that? 

i hope you all had another great FNSI.  its so cool knowing that we are all virtually sewing/crafting/knitting/crocheting/embroidering/scrapping/woodworking together.  Did i cover all the crafts possible?

come back tomorrow for the lucky winner.....and dont forget to follow Arrow Sewing Cabinets on facebook.  i know i would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of those sewing tables. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

FNSI is here!!!

tonight im going to make a few more of these saucer cushions.  they are so cute, fast and fun.
then its off to baseball practice.  but no bringing my crochet :)  so ill be continuing my FNSI from the grass.

this past week ive gotten a few boxes.  remember me saying how much i love my mailman? 

look what i got all the way from NY!!!

  the potholders and mugrug are from JAMIE!!!  THANK YOU JAMIE!!!  she even stitched my name on the mugrug.  LOVE IT  :)

 then....i recvd a box of goodies from MINNESOTA!  HEIDI sent me this very cool apron .....

this fun little zipper pouch.....
and some other goodies like my favorite OLD DUTCH potato chips.  ill be taking those to the baseball park tonight.  THANKS HEIDI!!!

do you all have your projects ready?  got kids in front of the tv with a good movie?
a snack and a beverage at your side???

i live for fridays .....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feta Pita recipe

doesn't this look yummy?  wanna make one?  today for lunch?  well read on cuz I'm sharing my recipe with you.  i just made this sandwich up a few weeks ago.  I'm thinking its pretty healthy too.

also---i will be blogging later today about some FABULOUS gifts i have recvd in the mail this past week.  I had a few swap partners who gave me some very cool items!  im just waiting for some good lighting to take photos.

OK, back to the FETAPITA.  (focus bobbi focus)

below are the ingredients to make the Feta spread.  this replaces your mayo / mustard. 

all you need is:  crumbled feta cheese-any flavor, green onion tips, pepper and oil.

sorry, i don't measure when adding the oil.  i probably use about 1-2 tbsp.  not a lot.  chop up some green onions, sprinkle some pepper.  mix well with the feta crumbles.

 here's what your spread looks like when done.  we use this a TON on french bread or even a baguette.  its really good fresh out of the fridge cold.  but works fine right out of the bowl. 

 now.....the pita fixin's.
*i bought these simple "salad pockets" or "pitas" that are whole wheat. the multi grains are also good.  I'm trying to eat better :)
*use your favorite sandwich meat of the moment.  mine is maple turkey.
*cheese....again your favorite at the moment or what your family hasn't eaten yet.  mine is white american.
*thinly sliced pieces of apple.  this is a fabulous addition to any sandwich.  you get the crunch and flavor!!!  it also helps balance the feta-which can be a little strong.
*shredded lettuce---not shown because i was out.  grrrr
ok, come on..... doesn't that look fan-flippin-tastic??  i think i need another one for lunch today. 

rachel ray....move over.  this is a 10minute sammich.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

march Friday night sew-in

The Friday Night Sew-In signups are HERE
go to HEIDS blog and read all about it.

3/18/11 is the date.

**date corrected....thank you and sorry about that!**

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

saucer cushion--ARROW CABINETS HOP

WELCOME to all of you who are joining me from the ARROW CABINETS blog-pin cushion HOP. 

I hope you enjoy my pin cushion project.  after viewing my project, be sure and hop over to and check out Carolinas blog and projects.  shes a fabulous crafter!


***updated pics and post to link to "made by me" parties ***

last weekend i saw these at target and had an immediate craftin idea.    im thinking they are suppose to be dipping bowls???  see the angle?  well, for a measly $1.84 i made myself a...........

...................PIN CUSHION!

see how it tilts forward?  perfect for the sewing table.  they are small, so they sit nicely near your machine and projects. 

i dug through some old scrappin' stuff and found a daisy embellishment for the second one.  i can see a million exciting and different ways to make these.  you could put some scrappin letters on the side with the word PIN, maybe some ribbon along the edge, or how about some fun pom-pom fringe? 

all i did was make a fabric circle a few inches bigger than the bowl.  hand stitched around the edge of the fabric, pulling the thread.  then stuff it with polyfil.  once it is full enough, pull the thread very tight and close it by sewing the hole closed by hand, tie it off with knots.  then i hot glued it into the saucer.  DONE.  that simple :)

hours of fun---priceless.

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