Monday, May 28, 2012

Lucy and the Gnome

after a long fun weekend, ive spent today relaxing.  my sister was in town and we went on a bit of a shopping spree at my LQS and bought some of this----

my cousin Heidi at handmadebyheidi had been talking about this fabric all last week.  (ps...HEIDI is having a fabulous favorite things giveaway!) 

The fabric line is Lucys Crabshack by Sweetwater.  she was sending me photos and such.  making me drool.  so friday i finally got to raid my quilt store!  i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! the aqua color is lovely!   its so summery and this girl needs a new beach bag.  Im only 3-4 hours from the California beaches and this girl is planning a trip soon. think ill be too scared to actually take it ON the beach?   it might get all sandy and nasty.  LOL

my sister bought me this gnome.  she knows ive been on the hunt for a cute simple one for awhile.  well she proceeded to send me photos everyday for about a week of him at her house.  taunting me......teasing me to come get him. 

isnt he just adorable???  i want to pinch his cheeks. 

this picture woke up me one morning.  totally made my day!!  i almost dont want her to mail him.  just send me fun pics once in awhile.  :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a few weeks ago i sent these items off in the mail all the way to the east coast.  it was for the quilters day swap.

a pincushion, an apron, a recipe book and a honey bun.  ive heard from my swap partner, but crazy thing is i dont have her blog address.  so i had to wing it without stalking my partner. 

last night while going through pics i realized i hadnt posted what i sent.  this month has been SO busy!  we are almost at the end of baseball.  ill miss it, but 3 times a week is a bit much for this busy working mom.

i have family in town and will be lounging in the pool this weekend.  i cant wait to relax for a few days.  have a great memorial weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FNSI winner

life.  thats all i have to say at this moment.  the dog ate my blog post does sound better tho!!!

My winner for May FNSI will get this package from me. 

A charm pack of domestic bliss and a pack of rings which i have talked about in THIS post.  they are great to keep empty bobbins on. 

so without further delay....ahem.....because youve already waited 2 extra days......
#70   LEAH in SC at

Leah i must say you make some BEAUTIFUL quilts!!!  you all HAVE to check out her blog! 
send me an email with your address for shipping.

Dont forget to go to HEIDIS blog and see who her winner for this month is.

thanks everyone for being patient while Heidi and I chased our yellow labs around the yard trying to get that blog post back.  :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

iphone or pod pillow--FNSI results

last nights project was taken from THIS tutorial.  another fabulous pinterest find.
**more photos added since orig post**
Phone/Pod Pillow 

i love this because i wont lose my phone under fabric and patterns anymore!!

shes kind of cute empty too. 

i think ill make one for my nightstand.  she lays down nicely while charging :)

I would love to tackle a large scale one for my ipad, but this template took me awhile.  after working all day and being brain tired,  i was having trouble getting the 5" triangles correct.  sewing it together was a breeze. 

i also chose to use crushed walnut shells for the stuffing instead of rice.  wait.......i just realized it can be used as a pincushion also!!!  :)  :)  :)

i need to start surfing your FNSI projects.  i seriously havent sat down all day.  this morning started with garage sales (only 2 good finds) then errands errands errands.  i ran to the dollar tree for some items needed for another pinterest project in the works.  check back this week for that update. 

dont forget to check back tomorrow for the winners.  my co host HEIDI and I will both be drawing a winner.  nothing but love for our FNSI crafters!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday Night Sew In signups for 5/18/12

i hope you all have a fun summer project to work on, because its that time again.  FNSI!!! 
Friday, 5/18/12, is the date.

first....i would like to say a big huge THANK YOU to all of you who sent in your pillow cases for our April FNSI.  the end result was fantastic!!!  i don't have the exact number, but i believe it was almost 200???  that's just awesome.  HIGH 5 ^

Handmade by Heidi

MAY FNSI 2012------click on the link above to grab a button. 

quick run down of the "guidelines".  don't forget to blog about it this week so all of your friends will join us for our virtual sewing/crafting night.

1.  get your house in order.  get your projects ready.  give yourself a night to work on whatever you want.  this night is all for you! 

2.  very important item---  BLOG about your project by Saturday evening.  yes, you can blog on Friday after working on your projects also.  remembering to blog about your post will enter you into the monthly drawing that Heidi and I do and you might get a chance to win a great prize!!!

3.  Sunday come back to our blogs and look to see if you have won.  Also take time over the weekend to browse what everyone else has worked on. 

lets do this!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

9patch pin cushions

these seem to be all over blogland right now.  im going to make a few of them tonight as gifts.  this one is about 4.5 inches finished.  im going to try and make a smaller one.  but man are those little 1" pieces tough to work with.

i included this one in the latest swap i participated in.  i cant show you the other goodies, because she hasnt let me know she got her stuff yet.  :)

do you all know how addicted to AQUA i am right now?  im not even embarrassed to say it.
curious tho, do you consider it Aqua or Turquoise? is it the same thing???  to me, aqua is bluer and turquoise has more of a green tone.  but thats just my opinion.

tomorrow ill be taking my fabulous mother out shopping at HomeGoods (our fav store) and then to lunch.  build up an appetite first!!!  Happy Mothers Day weekend to everyone!!!

Tomorrow  before my adventures ill be posting the sign ups for next fridays FNSI  (friday night sew in).  be sure and come back!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the swap that made me cry

i participated in the quilters day swap hosted by my cousin HEIDI.  today after spending those long 8hours at work, then rushing to pick up a kid and head to baseball, i came home 12.5 hours later to find a box.  but not just any box. it held the most beautiful swap gifts inside.

a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to my swap person,  CHRIS , who sent me a box from over the ocean.  it came all the way from the UK. 

I'm not kidding. tears. actual tears of joy! i cannot believe that someone would be this kind to me. I'm just a crafter from Vegas. little ol ME!

i mean wow.  WOW.  WOW!    let me tell you....the fabrics are TOTALLY ME!  She must have stalked researched me.  how did she know I've been wanting to make most of what she gave me.  the cathedral pin cushion.  LOVE IT.  the box zipper bag.  SWOON!  a needle book has been on my list forever.  then there is that ADORABLE London fat quarter.  ill hoard that forever.  A big box of tea.  YUMMY.  a little notebook which is already in my purse.  a few post cards so i can see where she is from.  those are hanging on my bulletin board in my craft room so i can always remember i have a "friend" in the UK. 

this pin cushion......i wonder if i could sleep with it tonight? 

its dark here so my pictures stink.  im having picture issues lately anyway.  forgive me Tillymint!  but i couldn't wait to blog and show the world how FABULOUS you are!!!

oh and for the record.....i did shed a few tears.  this package touched my heart.  my son said "mom its like Christmas for you!".   then he goes "wait, are you crying???".