Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter in the desert

 it was warm enough to "fire up the jacuzzi" as we say.....
not braggin'.....just saying
it was good to be us today :)

my great nephew showing me his eggs.  hes such a ham! 

hope you all had a happy Easter and spent it with your family and the people you love.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

letter frame idea

I've been surfing blogs and finding some great decorating ideas for my house.  i love those link up parties so you can see hundreds of things on one blog!!!  

tonight i made this to put on a photo/frames wall I'm creating.

 its a very small frame i got at michaels with my 40% off coupon :)
i think this will be a nice small touch because i have a larger "L" to put in the collage.   BUT i couldn't decide on a white letter or black!!!  if it looks weird, ill just repaint it black.  easy peasy.
and GOTTA love burlap!  this project cost me less than $3.00 to make.
frame, wood letter, left over white paint, burlap from stash and glue.

i just glued the letter to the glass.  put a piece of burlap behind the glass and called it done.

here are those walls that need to be decorated.  my puppy looking at me like im nuts.  LOL

have you seen the pottery barn catalogs this past year?  full of burlap, drop cloth pillows, canvas decor.  i could spend days dreaming of things to make as knock-offs. 

do you all have a favorite decor item in your house you made as a knock-off from PB?
id love to see it!  i need more ideas!  i have lots and lots of bare walls.  talk to me goose......

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

FNSI Winner

sorry this is coming so late in the day.  I had to help my dad trim back some trees this afternoon.  (yep, i have a tree obsession--LOL) jumping right in because I have a movie date tonight with my boys.  (wish i was on spring break too!)

first, i made this pin cushion from my garage sale find yesterday.  the cup was too fun and needed some make life fabric.  it gives it a spring look!

then, because i think these painters drop cloths are SOOO cool and make some fabulous pillows, i decided to toss in a pack along with a couple of springy fat quarters.

our lucky winner thanks to is......
#173  REGENA over at
CONGRATS to you !!!  send me an email with your mailing info.

she has some very fun aprons that she has made....and she looked pretty busy on friday night! 

thanks again to EVERYONE who was able to participate in our virtual sewing, crafting, painting, scrap booking, embroidering, knitting, crocheting and anything else you may have worked on friday night!!!
see you next month.

Blog Pillow

I was fondling fabric in my sewing room last night and had a brainstorm.  while sitting at my sewing desk, i realized i needed a pillow for my lower back while i sew.  the brain started clicking and i came up with this idea.  my sewing room needed something with my blog in it.....

I used Computer Printer Fabric and made a quick word document with some of my favorite photos from my blog.  Then just cut some jeans scraps i had and used my left over drop cloth canvas from THIS project.  VOILA.....its a "craftyvegasmom" pillow.

come back later for the FNSI results.  ill be doing my drawing this afternoon.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Night Painting results......WAIT....PAINTING????

YEP, you heard me right.  last night for FNSI i did some painting.....not sewing :)

first, it started off with a little sunflower seed chewing and baseball.  GO #4....he is always ready to hit one out of the park.  we know it will happen soon.

the park has some heavenly green trees.  (if you ever move to the desert, you will miss trees-trust me)  here is my soon to be "baby".  **sigh**

finally here is the project i have been working on all week.  painting is hard because you have to wait for things to dry.  this was a recipe book holder type thingy that has been in my kitchen.   i bought it a few years back at a craft show in boulder city.  they did a weird light stain on it....blehck.
here it is finished and painted black.  i distressed it a little bit for an antiquey kind of look.  i cant believe its taken me this many years to paint it!  do you have a feeling it will be many many many colors before i ever get rid of it??  me too!   It found itself a home in my sewing room.  its just so big and bulky and always took up SO much counter space. 

ART in the PARK is a huge craft show in boulder city, nevada every fall.  (just outside of vegas at the hoover dam)  its the first weekend in october.  i have had LOTS of fun adventures there.  when i bought this shelf, my sister and i had actually spotted a different one.  we both wanted it.  so we did what anyone would do with their sibling......we ROCK PAPER SCISSORED for it.  my mom stood there and laughed with the seller.....who couldn't believe it was how we settled it.  well, my sis won and i had to buy this one.  over the years i have come to cherish my shelf thingy.  (not sure what to call it)  maybe someday when we get sick of ours, we could do a swap.  :)

check out these little bowls.......thanks to some spring garage sales i paid a whole $1.00 for all 4!!!!
I'm thinking my giveaway will involve one of these little puppies and a pin cushion !!! 

OK folks.....don't forget to post about your Friday Night Sew-In project today and tomorrow i will surf your projects.  I will be doing a drawing for our monthly giveaway and post the results Sunday.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday Night Sew In signups and a new button

the sign ups for Friday Night Sew In are HERE......and its this coming friday night.  4/15/11

AND there is also a new button!  Heidi made us a cute new one.....but of course you can still use the old one.

click HERE to get the new button.  she has provided simple instructions.  so grab it and spread the word.

Handmade by Heidi

i LOVE the look of it.....makes me thing spring is really here.  we had some snow yesterday in vegas if you can believe that!  just some flurries that only lasted a few minutes. 

 remember to add your name to the signups, blog about your project and you will be entered into our monthly drawing.  we also have a flickr group if you dont have a blog where you can upload your projects. 

see you all friday night!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

subway art....... PILLOW

after a long debate with myself........i decided on a pillow.  A-dorable if i do say so myself.

(added another pic)
 I added a stripe of ribbon down the side.  i had originally transferred the image onto a piece of linen.  so i just cut that down and sewed it onto the canvas.  i left a little edge so it will fray. 

speaking of canvas........
have you all heard of using DROP CLOTH CANVAS as fabric for pillows? well ive been surfing a lot of home decorating blogs and this stuff is all over the place. people have even recovered old chairs with it.

well, i bought one yesterday for this pillow. after washing and drying its SUPER SOFT!
the cost for a piece that is 4ft x 5ft.......$5 at lowes.  i figure maybe about 3 pillows worth???

OH .....and check this out! PRE-SEWN SEAMS for the flaps on the back.    HIGH FIVE!

now its onto the garage for my next project thats already in the works. 

more to come on that later.  hope you are all craftin' this weekend.  

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Friday, April 1, 2011

subway art--pillow or print?

I'm a little behind on the times.....because subway art has been out for awhile.  But I'm now addicted to it. 
will someone please send out the CA bus?  that would be the "crafters anonymous" bus. 

HI, I'm Bobbi and I have addiction issues with crafts. :)

This is what I'm working on.  its either going to be a pillow or in a frame.  Its going in the loft so I'm not extremely picky.

I made it in word program, printed it on transfer paper (mirror image) and ironed it onto linen.  Now I'm stuck.  I truthfully am not sure how I want to showcase it.  I wasn't very happy with how it turned out, the transfer paper wasn't very friendly and didn't peal nicely, but now it looks like it has some wear and tear so I like it again. much coffee have i had today?  did that above thought even make sense?  my brain is going at like 200mph!

anyhoo....what do you all think?   PILLOW or FRAME ??