Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spruce up your Candles

I bought these cheap inexpensive candles and had just the idea for them!  all you need is a little burlap, some raffia, ribbon and a hot glue gun. the candle tray was one ive had forever from a candle company.

A very simple project that took just minutes.

I needed something special for my new table built by my hubby and dad!  its 7 feet long and fits my room perfectly!  we have a HUGE great room with a monster sectional couch.  so why not go big right?

my house is becoming the favorite Thanksgiving spot because of this couch.  it has 4 recliners and can fit like 27 people perfectly.  ok maybe like 8, but the guys all love it. 

here is the table my dad built me a few years ago.  he re-stained it for me this past spring and once i saw it, i knew i wanted a larger scale one for behind my couch. 

i need some more things to put on my new table...... ideas anyone?  ive been surfing pinterest all weekend long looking for projects.  im pretty sure i blew about 3 hours yesterday on pinterest.  are you all addicted yet?

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Its that time again for Amys Bloggers Quilt Festival.  Its so much fun to see what everyone has been working on all year.

although i haven't made many quilts, the ones i have made are all special to me.  I have made one for my parents, one for my sister, and 2 for myself.  Thats it!  (i better get working on all those WIPS i have cut out!) 

Here is my favorite so far!  My  "Happy Campers Quilt" i made this past summer.  I used Moda's Happy Campers fabric line from a few years back.

This fabric totally spoke to me from my childhood.  I grew up in the 70s, and spent summer after summer camping.  How could you not LOVE camping as a kid?  Especially on the lakes of Minnesota.  Playing in the sand, swimming all day, digging for worms and fishing off the dock, campfires at night.  Pure heaven!  When i saw this fabric a few years ago i knew one day i would make that special quilt for myself.  The panel in the middle is of a vintage camping scene.  too cute!

I backed it in denim for those chilly camping nights.  Its so nice and warm!  I also chose not to quilt it, instead i used good ol' fashioned Yarn Ties.  My grandma always made our families quilts, and she used the Yarn Tie method.  It just gave me that vintage feel.

my sister and i both made a pact this year.  we were meeting for vacation this summer and swore we would both make a quilt with this fabric.  Of course we knew that our tastes would be different, but they are both beautiful and show our personalities. 

Hop on over to Amys blog HERE to check out the other quilts being shared by all the fantastic quilters out there!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

FNSI winners!!!

did you all have fun this weekend?  did you get a lot done during this months FNSI?  WELCOME again to all the new comers!!! 

We have had a few fabulous sponsors the past few months for our monthly FNSI winners.  I've been so excited all week to share mine with you. 

 CAMILLE ROSKELLEY!!!  She is the sweetest!!!  She sent us a bunch of goodies, so I decided to have 3 winners this month!!!  If you havent surfed her blog....take a long afternoon and browse through it.  OH MAN i wish she would send me her red polka dot chair.  her quilts are so bright and cheery!  everything on her blog is soft, warm and uplifting.  not to mention her boys....absolutely ADORABLE! 

I bought her book, Simplify,  as my portion of the giveaway because it is full of fabulous quilt designs!  its a MUST have for the book collection.  Camille provided the rest of the goodies.  (thankyou thankyou thankyou from me, Heidi and our winners) is the grand prize for my first winner selected by

#39   JOSIE at
YAY!!  you win the book, the xmas stocking pattern and a mini Ruby charm.

the other 2 winners will receive this pictured below:  1 pattern and 1 mini charm pack of RUBY.  (i will randomly select the pattern when mailing)

the other winners are......
#132  TONI xxx    at
#115 Barb             at

you all had some GREAT projects!!!  thanks for sharing!

all you need to do is send me an email with the shipping info.

I have to run now,  because my hubby, dad and i are building a sofa table for me!!!!!!  hot diggity!
The thing is 7 feet long and we are sanding, priming and painting/staining today.  time to get DIRTY!

see you next month :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

FNSI results

did you think i forgot to blog?  its only 9pm my time, so i came in right under the wire.  :)
ill be surfing your projects tomorrow.  i cant wait to see what you all made! 

i had a busy night last night.  i worked on 3 projects, but sadly can only show you one.  the other 2 are for my sisters bday.  as soon as she gets her box, ill post the pics. 

my show-able project is a zip bag for me.  i made it from oilcloth....i think thats what its called???  its that shiny cloth on one side.  wipe able type fabric.  i had a little zipper trouble and it was the end of the night so its not my best work.  i used just a simple linen for the inside. 

here's a glimpse of one of the secret projects.  LOL

i hope you all had a good time last night!  we had a BUNCH of new crafters!!!  I stayed up late and watched a fun movie while sewing.  had the house to myself all night long.  my fabulous hubby took the boys to some Halloween thing on the Vegas strip.  brave fella. 

be sure and check back tomorrow.  ill be doing the drawing for a few winners.  i still haven't decided how many, because our sponsor gave a few gifts along with something im tossing in!  YAY !!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In signups--10/21/11

FRIDAY NIGHT SEW-IN time!!!  Are you all ready?  Do you have those Christmas projects to work on?  I am sure we are all a little behind.....

Here is a run down of the rules of FNSI.  The next date for our fun filled crafting evening is 10/21/11.

1.  sign up on the link below with your blog/web address.  blog about it and invite everyone you know!
2.  on friday 10/21/11 make something FUN.  get your comfy clothes on and CRAFT until you cant go anymore.
3.  saturday 10/22/11 be sure and blog about your project.  post some pictures, talk about your night, surf other blogs to see what everyone else did. 
4.  sunday 10/23/11 check back on my blog for the lucky winners picked by

I have some FABULOUS giveaways this month!  We had another GREAT sponsor.  I'm so excited .... i cant wait to show you what I'm giving you all!  Last month we had Sweetwater!  this month'll just have to come back and see.  (evil halloween laugh)

Yep, that's it.....cant get much easier than that!  Each month my cousin HEIDI and I put on this event.  we LOVE having all of you participate. 

Lets do this!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trick or Treat bag -- mini Tutorial

A few years ago i made this trick or treat bag for my son for Halloween.  ill give you a quick low down of how it was made.    can you say S.I.M.P.L.E

The body of the bag (minus the handles) measures 16 high by 12 wide. (this is after sewing).  of course judge your size/measurements by the age/size of your kiddies.  i took a look at a pillow case and kind of went from there.  my son was around 9 when i made this. 

Take your front and back pieces (2) and sew them along 3 sides--bottom and sides leaving the top open-- right sides together.  (good side of fabrics touching).  then turn it right side out, fold down the top twice (to the inside of the bag), iron to create a nice seam,  and sew around the top.  see photo below.  (this is all before adding the handles)

i made some simple handles, sewed them together then sewed them onto the bag as shown below.  nothing fancy cuz this bag will be drug along the sidewalks by the end of Halloween night! 

tada!  youve made your trick or treater their very own halloween bag.  of course there are some REALLY cute fabrics out could mix and match and make the entire thing really fun and funky!  different color handles etc.  get creative!

My son has used it for at least the past 3 years.  It was a little dirty and was washed today, but i think we are beyond trickntreating so it will be packed up and put in our "memories" boxes.  he is now moving onto the adventure of passing out candy and scaring the bigger kids. 

we have a FUN new neighborhood that is planning some parent booths etc!  i cant wait to actually stay home this year, see all the adorable kids and their costumes and pass out the goodies.  this is a first for us....because for the past 18 years we have taken the boys out on halloween.  im pretty gosh darn excited about it too! 

happy halloween!  if you make a bag, id love to see it!  send me a link :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pinterest LOVE

oh my.....i have been bitten by the PINTEREST bug!
i love surfing the net for pics, ideas, inspiration.  well this is the place for me!!!
i have added a pinterest button on my sidebar.  if you haven't checked this site out yet, beware---its addicting!

I'm off to Boulder City, Nevada for the yearly "Art in the Park" craft show extravaganza!  I'm hoping to find some fun house decor or maybe some ideas for more projects.  (like i need more projects teehee)

have a great Sunday!