Sunday, December 16, 2012

Queso Recipe

rib sticking queso dip recipe!!!  what is better on a chilly lazy sunday afternoon than some yummy queso dip?  ENJOY!


1 large block of Velveeta---cut into cubes
1 can Campbell's Fiesta Nacho Cheese Soup
1/4 cup milk

dump these ingredients into your crock pot.  start the melting process while preparing the beef mixture.

1 lb hamburger
5-6 fresh Jalapenos
1/2 white onion

chop your onion.  remove the ends from the jalapenos,  remove seeds from inside and chop your jalapenos.  you can leave a few in for added heat.  depends on your taste.    add to hamburger and brown.   (it looks like a lot but trust me, don't skimp on the jalapenos)

put browned hamburger mixture into cheese mixture and "melt".  serve with tortilla chips.  Serves best when fresh.   can also have some sour cream on the side for extra yumminess. 


Sunday, December 2, 2012

CREATE -- wire fabric covered word

grab your pipe cleaners or wire, glue and your scraps.  this is a fun easy project for your creative space.  or you could even make a word for a kids room.  words for laundry rooms, lofts, basements.  again endless possibilities here folks.

i doubled the pipe cleaners and made the word C R E A T E.  doubling them made it a little more sturdy.  all you do is wrap the cleaners around each other. 

cut your scrap pieces around 3/8 inches.  the thinner the easier to work with.  trust me, i found out the hard way.  just a few dabs of glue here and there is all you need. 

see its a pretty good size word too.  this is the wall in my mom cave.  the momma den.  my sewing/crafting room.  its where all the magic happens.  ok not so much lately, but im working on that.

another pinterest project completed!  only about 1000 more pins to go!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Sister doll and hoop ornament

ive been way out of touch lately.  lifes busy and i cant seem to slow it down.  how is it just a few weeks before christmas?  i mean seriously! 

here is my doll i made for my sister.  i showed you the one she made for me in my previous post. 

she had to have a purse because my sister has a wee bit of a purse obsession.  bags too :)

 they got to be together for thanksgiving.  but she took her home on saturday.  boooo.

here is another project i made last weekend for FNSI.  totally forgot to blog about it.  heck i forgot to link the sign ups.  i suck right now.  (pardon my french)

its a hoop ornament.  im going to hang it in my sewing room or over a mirror in the foyer.  not sure yet.  i found the idea on pinterest and almost copied it to a tee cuz i loved it so much.  its just a hoop, fabric, ric rac and ribbon.  took me under an hour. 

have you all made a lot of things from pinterest?  i can proudly say i have.  ill show you a few other ideas this month.  this is assuming ill blog more than once this month.  ;) ;) ;)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

my sister doll

i have a sister.  this makes me blessed. 

a few months ago when my dad was ill, my sister came to town.  she is always here at the drop of a hat.  i know this isnt easy for her, but we are ALL blessed that she doesnt ever hesitate.  this trip was even during a wild summer rain storm we had.  the girl almost didnt get to land---and its only funny because she hates to fly.  im not joking.  on the way to the airport, i told her son (my fav nephew) omg your moms going to be freaking out!!   the roads were flooding and it had been pouring for hours.  but by the grace of god she made it.  shew!  (cuz i really needed her at my side)

over the years she has made me lots of things.  a few years ago we had seen this pattern.  the sister dolls.  we vowed to make each other one.  well, she sent me mine this year for my bday.  ive been slowly working on hers this weekend, but cant show you her finished product just yet. 

she even made her a necklace that says "choose joy".  its become one of our favorite sayings.

every christmas for the past 5 maybe 6 years she has made me a scrapbooked calendar.  it is my MOST cherished gift!  i sit like a kid on xmas eve (usually without her because she lives far away) with this on my lap patiently waiting to see what beautiful pages she has made me.

this was a bag she made me.  it has personalized blocks with words/phrases only she i would remember.  memories of our childhood. 

when she was here (for the 2nd time in a month) we picked up the knack for crocheting.  ive dabbled and so had she, but it was good therapy for our dad.  so we brought him to my house, shopped for loads of yarn and spent the week doing some therapeutic scarf making.  it was good for all 3 of us.  :)

shes coming AGAIN in a few weeks for thanksgiving.  its our annual thing now.  we slave for the family because after all of these years of my mom doing it, we figured it was time to step up and give her a break.  the laughter starts the second she gets here and doesnt end until she flys away. 

i love you ging!  see you soon!
your yarn pile is waiting and your sister doll too! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

the box

a few years ago i bought this at a big craft show in boulder city, NV.  my sister and i actually rock-paper-scissored for it.  wait, now that i think about it, we both wanted the other one.  obviously i lost. 

anyhoo, ive had this for at least 10 years.  it was never a finished product, just plain wood.  last year, i painted it black.  not what i really wanted, but dealt with it.  the other night, i got a wild hair and re-painted it.  she sits in my craft/sewing room.  holds my favorite quilt books.

Heidi has been trying to take this off of my hands for awhile.  she even had some guy give her an estimate of what he would charge to build it.  sorry cant have it just yet.  (ill put it in my will for ya). 

i did a do-it-yourself chalk paint method.  i used plaster of paris, water and paint.  finished it off with a good coat of wax.  im in LOVE with it again! 

i did a bit of antiquing also.  i had plans to go to hobby lobby and get new nobs, but these look really good with the teal/aqua color!  

after avoiding my craft room for the past few months, im spending the next few days organizing it AGAIN.  i swear its a never ending job.  but with xmas right around the corner, i need to make a few gifts and cant remember where anything is!  if i had a closet in this room, id be in heaven.  but its sort of a den/office.  i even showed my hubby some plans for built-ins to which he looked at me like "your kidding right?!!!?!!".  yeah, we will scrap those.  for now.....

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FNSI result

Are you wondering if I'm still here?

Here's what I did fnsi. I finished one scarf and whipped out another. 
My poor fabric must be feeling left out!  I did fondle it but just moved it around and made a mess. 

Crocheting is very relaxing. I'm liking it. Except one thing........


Happy halloweweeeennnnnn!!! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fnsi delay

Heidi and I need to push back this months fnsi by only a week. We are 2 busy girls this month.

Look for sign ups in a few days. See you next Friday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fnsi results, winner and some news.

As I said in my previous post I was lucky enough to have my sister here with me for fnsi. We changed things up a bit tho. We crocheted!!!  We are even still doing it days later. Our dad has always crocheted and since he has been a bit under the weather he hadn't done much. But we did get to spend a fabulous day with him trying to learn some techniques. (see pic below of them hard at work on the couch)  It was heavenly.  We both finished a scarf by Sunday. YAY and even started on some granny squares too.

The winner for this months fnsi is:

#12----Kathy at
she made a very cute pumpkin pin cushion!!!  you know how i LOVE pin cushions!!  NICE JOB!

congrats!!!  your gift will be:  (see the first picture below).
its a 5 FQ pack of fall fabrics and this cute tape measure.  isnt it fun?!!!  please send me an email with your mailing info. 

Don't forget to check Heidi's blog at for her winner.

Lastly the news------ Heidi and I have been co-hosting FNSI for 3 years.  We have made the tough decision to stop doing a monthly giveaway. (boo, hiss, sigh)  BUT We are still going do fnsi each month because we LOVE this event.  it gives us the push to sew.  Once in awhile we will do a surprise giveaway for special occasions.   cuz we love all of you loyal followers!!!

so here are a few pics from my night and weekend. 
see you all next month!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday Night sew in signups

I can't believe it's already time again for fnsi. Head on over to Heidi's blog at and put your name on the list.

My home Pc is messed up. I'm blogging via phone and it's annoying. I'm having a rough year I tell ya.

My sister is going to be in town so I'll get a sewing partner this month for fnsi.
Yay!!  Even though it will be nice to have a person to sew with we are dealing w some family medical issues. Not fun! But we are a close family and always there for each other so I know things will be ok.

It's not me....its my dad. But God gives you strength when you feel there isnt any left.
I'm hanging onto that.

Alright enough of the poor me :)

Can't wait to see what you all make!  See you Friday !

Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's fall y'all

Autumn is here. Well kind of. In my neck of the woods it means we might cool down to the 90s. I take what I can get!

I made some fall decor this weekend. Courtesy of a pumpkin at michaels, some Martha Stewart craft paint and a dollar store candlestick.

I also wanted to show you a mug rug my sister made me. We have both loved bags since we can remember.  It's too cute to use for a sweaty cup so I hung it up for decor.

I'm still having computer issues uploading photos to my blog. For now my phone will have to do. But why does it put all the pics at the bottom?

Ps I  think fnsi is this Friday.  Heidi and I will have to post the signups tomorrow.