Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

an easy fun stocking stand....made by ME!!!

a few years back, my dad and i made a few of these for our family. they were SOOO simple! i was sick of hanging our stockings on the wall because at that time we didnt have a fireplace. even now WITH a fireplace i still use it. its one of my cherished xmas items.....probably because i made it.

I thought it would be fun to share a few pics with you and maybe give you an idea of what you could make for YOUR stockings!!!

We bought the "fence post" at our local home depot. It was perfect for this project because of the angled top. we didnt do a THING to it, other than painting it!

my dad angled the 2x4's on the bottom for stability. I found these cute hooks at Pier 1. painted it to look like xmas and even stencilled a few snow flakes. it turned out SOOO cute!!! after using it for a few years and moving across a few states, its gotten banged up. (please forgive the dust too LOL)

So my project this year is to repaint it. im thinking maybe a blue/silver combination. the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

(added a pic of the top of the post)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heidis 100post giveaway!!!

you HAVE to check out HEIDIs blog! she is doing her 100th post giveaway and wow.....its good stuff! also...check out to your right.....the friday night sew-in button! WOOHOO!!! we have one coming up mid sign up and sew with us. im sure everyone has a fun spring project to get started on.

i also wanted to share more photos with you of the quilt i made for my parents. these arent great pics, but ill have to go steal it from them to get better ones. from what my dad says, mom is cuddling up in the mornings under it while watching the news. nice huh? the bistro line is sooo perfect for them too. they drink coffee by the gallon and go through a new coffee pot about every 6 months.....
lastly here is a picture of the bag we gave to my sons teacher for xmas. i had found this CUTE teacher fabric in phoenix on one of my sewing adventures with HEIDI. the cord is red and really not this bright....but you get the jist.

im still surprised after all the sewing i did right before xmas that im not burned out....but ive been doing a little sewing this week. made some cuegly dolls....made a couple pin cushions....and now im working on a couple more bags for some friends.
happy sewing....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

and god said let there be football......

we love football in my house! sundays are for football, junkfood and relaxation. im usually sewing something too while listening to a game. we have 4 people and 4 teams, so it makes it exciting. especially when our teams play each other. for christmas this year, 3 of us got jerseys so now we can all look like true football fans.

i love sundays!

Friday, December 25, 2009

quilt---for the folks

how cute are they under their quilt i made them for christmas? it turned out nicer than i imagined......and worth every stitch of love i put into it!!! merry christmas to the best set of parents a girl can ask for!! LOVEYOU!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


we wish you a merry christmas.......we wish you a merry christmas......we wish you a merry christmas.........and a happy new year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

christmas eve traditions

i know....2 posts in one evening. but ive decided to stop working on gifts. whats done is done...except moms quilt which will get made tomorrow night. all my "must do" bags are more last minute gifts. thats it, thats all she sewed :)

i thought this would be a great time to share one of my FAV christmas eve traditions. since i was a kid, we have fondue'd on xmas eve. we go to my parents that fondue pot up....fondue some steak and eat some cheese dip....and relax. enjoying a busy and fun meal. what i love the most about it---spending time with my family. its not a quick meal, so we actually sit around, eat, cook, eat, cook and laugh. its a fun dinner to do. to me thats one of my fav things about christmas. a true tradition.

i sure hope it is one that i will be able to carry on for years to come. one that my kids will do with their families when the time comes. what are your traditions?
to all of you in blogland.....merry christmas! enjoy your days off with your family.

almost done----

well, im down to finishing 3 bags tonight (easy part is sewing them together)....still have to finish mom and dads quilt but almost done with that too.....yet i sit here and wonder what other projects i could sneak out. WHAT AM I THINKING?

48 hours left
8 hours of work
drs appt
quilt to make
bags to finish
sleep at some point

ok HELLO, not enough time! will someone stop me please!?!?!?!

but, first check out heidis goofy dolls CUEGLY are those??? i love that word cuegly......these goofy dolls are the reason i am seriously pondering another trip to joanns today. my great nephew needs one!!!

i need an intervention....anyone?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

friday sew-in.....kind of

well, i spent most of my friday night running around, so in the end all i got done was picking out some fabrics. bummer!

i have so many projects still to complete....and 24hours to work on them. this along with decorating the house (because our lab is still a pup and likes to chew) so last minute decorating was a must. i didnt want to come home and find our tree/presents strung through out the house.

hope everyone is ready for xmas....and if you are im jealous. maybe next year ill be in a new house and have this all done by november. (wishful thinking)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
Its been a busy year and ive been mostly good.
hmmm....well....ok partying on the vegas strip until the wee hours of the morning wasnt all that "nice"....but we sure had fun.

cussing like a sailor isnt always the "nicest" way to start my day....but vegas traffic is a nightmare.

but in the end, ive done good deeds for the holidays. ive made (for free) some cute bags for a couple of cute little girls whose mom struggles to buy gifts....... ive made some comfy quilts for my family members so they are never cold on christmas eve......ive eaten enough chocolate to keep candy businesses afloat during a rough economy......

so for christmas i would love this.....

or maybe even just one of these......

please please please.....remember me this year.
(i promise no more dancing with a group of guys dressed like catholic school girls at jimmy buffetts bar in vegas---! )

Sunday, December 13, 2009

sewing like crazy!

ive been working hard this weekend on bags. i am paying it forward this year and so happy about it! a girl at work is a single mom to 5 adorable kids. i made her a cord bag a few months back and her girls LOVED it. so i have made them each cord bags for xmas gifts. i wont let her pay me because thats what the holidays are about.....GIVING!

when working on these bags today, it truly gave me a little warmth in the heart to know that i am doing something good....that these little girls will open a gift made by me on xmas morning.

ahhh......i have found my christmas spirit today.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

figgy pudding

after seeing the CUTE new pattern on modas bakeshop with figgy pudding....i decided to dig through my stash to see what i have.

well, lets just say what i HAVE is ISSUES!!! fabric hoarding issues!!!

1 layer cake.....2 jelly rolls.....4 charm packs.....5 diff yards (1 yard of each)

christmas.....17 days

too much figgy pudding....priceless.

anyone want to come help me sew about 5 holiday projects? after finding all of this fabric, i have a list of projects for me.....1 pillow case, 1 tree skirt, 1 comfy xmas quilt, 1 table runner.

so, if my boss comes looking for me....mums the word.

Monday, December 7, 2009

drum roll please..... won our friday night sew-in giveaway!!! WOOHOO

i had my husband pick a number....and forgot to take myself out. of course he picked me first. LOL

email me at with your info and ill get your giveaway package in the mail.

happy sewing ladies!
Bobbi and Heidi

Sunday, December 6, 2009

sunday comfort food!!!

its cold, windy and ive been xmas shopping all weekend. im what a better way to end my weekend on sunday night while watching the vikings.....comfort food! here is a must have easy recipe!!!

Chicken Wild Rice Soup (or kind of a stoup)

1cup carrots-sliced
1cup celery-sliced
1/2cup onion-chopped (more or less--depends on your family)
2 cloves garlic-chopped
4 cans chicken broth
1 can cream of celery soup
2 cups half n half
1 box uncle bens long grain wildrice mix with seasoning packet-uncooked
2 large chicken breasts- cooked and cubed

saute onions, carrots, celery, garlic in a little butter. (2 pats or so of butter)
Add chicken broth, celery soup, halfnhalf, rice mix and chicken.

Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until rice and veggies are tender.
(can be doubled for a large group)

Enjoy with some yummy rolls or crackers.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

friday night sew-in

friday night sew-in project.

i am making a quilt for my parents for christmas. i am hoping they dont look at my blog....and am pretty sure they dont even know the web address .... so this is why im showing it. its a cute quilt made from the bistro line from moda. it will match their family room perfect! its made from the coin pattern on moda bakeshop.

i cant wait to finish it!!! so tonight im going to make the backing, then hopefully tomorrow i can pin it together and quilt it.

i have soooo many projects to work on....i dont even know where to begin. i need a few more sew-ins!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

making a list....checking it twice

i made my "to do" list today.....its long....its scary....its impossible!!!

why do we do this to ourselves. take on extra projects at xmas time for other people AND mentally commit ourselves to making things for our home for the holidays. We KNOW which items will get ditched.....our personal items that we really really wanted to make.

i love making bags for other people. thats not the issue. my issue right now.....time. just never enough of it. sleep is a waste of time to me....if my body didnt require it i would never ever sleep again. right now im getting around 5-6hours because thats how much my body likes.

so what am i doing right now? blogging.....about lack of time. sitting in my comfy chair after a long day at work blogging about time. its kind of funny :)

here sits my list....14 items....i have already crossed off 2. thats still 12....i bet by the morning i could get it down to 5. maybe i should start off with 5....then add a few on as i cross a few off. maybe it wouldnt make me feel so bad about the "lost" items from the list.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

cord overload

corduroy is i loaded up. well ive got TOO much now. im trying to make some bags for gifts, but i swear i open a drawer and BAM there is more! what the heck was i thinking?

another friday night sew-in

come on girls....hunker down and do a sew-in with my sewing buddy HEIDI and i !!!

when.....friday 12/4
what time....whenever you can lock yourself in your craft room
why.....cuz we ALL have those projects to work on for the holidays

see HEIDI's blog for the details and sign up list. we are also doing a giveaway!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

moda bakeshop

i LOVE LOVE the moda bakeshop! they have GREAT ideas/tutorials! im working on a few xmas presents and one of them is a quilt from that site.

black friday.....its just too crazy out there to venture. so what a better excuse then to stay home, cut some fabric and sew.

i love having 4 days off....
i just might never go back.....
but i need fabric money.............

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


its thanksgiving time and ive decided to be truly thankful for the love of a good man.

he married me 17 years ago.....gave me 2 beautiful boys....has provided for us as well as given us his whole heart. he is a GREAT father. he always takes time for his boys..whether its golfing with them, playing PS3 games with them, taking them to the bookstore, taking them on a late night DVD run.........the list goes on and on and on. he truly is a great man!

I know its not easy being married to today, i am thankful for Mr. Craftyvegasmom. I love you!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

box...for me....from alaska?

my friendship bag arrived from alaska!!! I LOVE IT!! its a big bag, so i can carry it to work with my lunch and a book and goodies i drag around every day. THANK YOU to Tammy N. from alaska! I also got a box of yummy im going to sit in my chair, open the box and enjoy while everyone is still sleeping.

my friday nite sew-in was great! I was able to get a bag done for xmas and almost complete my gobble gobble turkey wall hanging. i better hurry so i can enjoy it before its time to pack it away and dragggg out alllll of that xmas decor. (not my fav job can you tell?)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Show n' Tell in december...

check out this or click on the above button.
they are having a show n' tell blog show in december for all of our holiday projects.

dont forget....tomorrow night is our SEW-IN!
sign up on HEIDIS blog....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i love sweetwater!

did any of you participate in the sweetwater 12 days of xmas? omg i love them....i love their authentic line and cant WAIT for jan/feb for the new line to come out. santa better fill my stocking with cash cuz ill be buying a TON of that line. arent these canvas bags adorable?
so now i have some fun cute projects to work on for me for xmas! WOOHOO

dont forget....friday night is our sew-in!!! have some fun...make something about it!
you can sign up on HEIDI's blog.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

my birthday boy....

happy birthday to my son!!! he is 17 and wow, time really does fly!

This picture tells how funny he truly is. He makes me laugh every day and i love that about him!

He is the one who is like me.....we like rocker music...stay up late and laugh at tv shows. He is also like my dad-which i cherish. Has a HUGE heart!!

so to you -----i love you AJ. happy birthday---love mom.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The beach is calling me.....

see my chair....its empty. its calling my name...

living this close to cali makes me want to cruz down for the weekend. i need some rest....some relaxation. i do truly understand why people live in california! its so they can go to the beach at anytime.....730 in the morning....the peace and quiet.....people strolling...surfers surfing....but the true calmness of the ocean.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

friday night sew-in.....sign up for some fun!!!

JOIN US!!! you are officially invited to join my sewing buddy HEIDI and I for a friday night sew-in on 11/20/09!!! link to her blog to sign up, register and then blog about it. WOOHOO.....

the rules are simple....which heidi has listed. its basically just sign up, set the date of 11/20/09, get your house in order and sew with to it.....make something fabulous....then blog about it!!! with the holidays coming we can all use some extra time behind that machine. i know ive got a ton of projects to do!!!

see you next friday night :)~~~

Monday, November 9, 2009

birdie sling bag

wow...this bag is big. i finally finished it for one of my friends who has been a true bag fan!!! she picked the fabs....and it turned out very cute!!! Crystal is extremely photogenic too.....but stand back boys shes happily married.
This bag was pretty easy to make...but being my first one it took me awhile. It is amy butlers birdie sling.
now onto the rest of my projects.....2 down.....lots to go! happy sewing.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quilters Cookbook

Quilter's Cookbook
I have entered a recipe in the quilters cookbook being created over at the quilters blogger site. I LOVE cookbooks!!! I have an entire cupboard full.....but really dont use them that much. Its just something I guess I collect. Which means I jumped at the chance to enter a fav recipe and a pic of my quilt!!!

check it on the link.

sister FINALLY!

here is my sisters quilt!!! ISNT IT ADORABLE? I love the green kona fabrics. it goes SOOO well with the black/white! the funny thing is the pics are from her front porch. live in the country.... im jealous.
she loves to curl up on the porch and read, so i hope this quilt keeps her warm! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTIE. LOVEYA!

Breakfast Pizza

sister loved her quilt and is going to send me some cute pics today......

BUT i just made a great easy breakfast!! Everyone LOVED it that i had to share. this recipe came from a friend/coworker of mine in North Dakota---Fargo. They sure can cook up there! its a must try!

Breakfast Pizza

1 tube of crescent rolls
1 cup crumbled cooked sausage
1 cup frozen hash browns (thawed)
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
chopped onion
5 eggs
1/4 cup of milk
Preheat oven to 375Take a round pizza pan. Separate your crescent rolls along the perforated edges. Arrange the triangles with the points towards the center. Press the edges together to form the pizza crust. Sprinkle sausage, hashbrowns and cheese over the crust. Top with onions. Beat the milk and eggs. Pour over the pizza mix. Bake for 30 min until crust is brown.

I used 2 tubes of crescent rolls and use a big long cookie sheet to bake in. Then I just add more hashbrowns, cheese and another egg or two. Works great with bacon or ham too!Enjoy!

next time im going to try and add a layer of sausage gravy...for some added breakfast flavor.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


my sisters box should arrive today....via pony express. im SOOO excited for her to get her bday present. see all of these years my sister has been the crafty one....she always has given me the most special bday presents. well this year i finally feel like im able to do the same. i hope this present is as special to her as it is to me. i love sewing.....i love creating something special for another person. its also a nice way to relax. losing yourself in fabric, cutting and sewing.....

so hopefully today i can post some pics!!! then start working on some of my xmas presents i have in mind. how many days til christmas??? YIKES---not enough!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I finished my sisters bday present.....a few days late.....but once she gets her box i will share photos!!! its SOOOO cute!

stay tuned.....

Friday, October 30, 2009


LOOK WHAT I GOT!!! Chris, a fellow friendship bag swapper, read my "missing bag" blog and was so kind to make me one and send it to me! it was filled with halloween candy too...yummy! I LOVE fall colors and halloween fabs!

So to you Chris.....a big THANK YOU for being so kind!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fabric overload

I have a small sewing area and the 4 fabric storage containers are a bit full. to me this means GET QUILTING!!! i truly do not want to buy another storage bin.....but i cant stop buying fabric. i have all of these ideas in my head, but after a long day at work, feeding the family, tossing a load of laundry too pooped to sew. the strange thing is i am up why cant i make myself sew at night?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i love this face

is this the face of an angel? he is a great kid too...always has been. im still shortening pants (had 3 pairs). im getting better at it too!

Matt and I have been looking at old photos for a school project and it makes me miss the little boy!

ok back to hemming....

Monday, October 26, 2009 pants are too long!

I just realized after looking at my blog i havent put pics on here of my little guy....ok not so little anymore but my baby!!! Matt is my true clown. around the age of 7 his 2nd grade teacher informed me he was the typical class clown. not in a bad way...but kept people laughing. i love that about him. he can laugh at himself too!

so tonight....i just tested my true sewing skills and had to shorten his school pants. i goofed on the first pair (totally fixable tho) and the second pair went perfect. this has been something ive been "scared" of forever. me being short---ive always bribed my mom into shortening my pants! well, it was about time i learned. im almost....ahem....40 for goodness sakes!!! (that still makes me shivvverrrr!!!)

winter comes fast in the desert. one day 90 and the next its CHACHACHILLY! well its happening tomorrow for us. i had bought these pants weeks ago---but yep waited until i had NO choice but to do the deed. pat-pat-pat on my back for doing it and only making a mess of 1 pair.

whats next to tackle you say? maybe a bed size quilt? youll just have to stay tuned.....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

sewing goods

as i sit down to sew this morning....i surround myself with my favorite MUST HAVE sewing items. im working on a bday project for my sister----so i cant share the fabs yet.

as you can see, i love the basics. i have my handy cutter, perfect little scissors, flat head pins (love em!!), Gutermann thread, basting pins in a soup bowl...... But my absolute MUST HAVE is my pin cushion/thread bag. I have that at my side anytime im sewing. i was lucky enough to find this fun gadget at a quilt store in phoenix. It was found during one of my sewing adventure weekends with my sewing buddy HEIDI. we actually bought a pattern, tried making our own...and by sunday said forget-about-it and went and bought one. LOL.

another must have are my cheap 1.99 IKEA scissors. I use these for cutting fusible interfacing---so if they get gooey i havent just ruined a perfectly good pair of fab scissors.

back to my secret project....have a fun lots of fun things....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Friendship swap---still waiting....

I made these 2 cute friendship bags for my 2 sewing buddies, Kristie (sister) and Heidi (cousin). they turned out SOOO cute! The swap deadline was 2 weeks ago...

I am still waiting for my cute little friendship bag of goodies to come in the mail...I am a little nervous that snail mail has lost my package.

I know my mailman has never been happier that we are actually getting our mail on a daily basis. so it has a good outcome....WAIT a minute.....maybe he is holding my box hostage so i keep getting the mail?

Friday, October 16, 2009


***updated with better photos!!! isnt it CUTE!

This is my very first and only quilt. It is the scruffily pattern on the moda bakeshop. It was very fun to make. The fabrics are woodland bloom by Moda. How can you not love all of the pinks, greens, blues, reds and tans!!

ive been working on this quilt all night trying to finish before the deadline. my pictures arent the best. tomorrow when the sun has risen in las vegas, i promise to take better pics!!!

I cant wait for our weather to get chilly so i can curl up on the couch with my very own quilt. Who could have ever thought making something this beautiful could be so exciting!! thank you for having this online quilt festival. Be sure and come back tomorrow to see what it looks like in the sunlight---with a better camera---in my green park. Thanks for looking!!!


Its time again for another friday night sew-in....HIGH 5!

my sewing buddy Heidi and i have found another fun filled friday night to sew together via blackberrys. if anyone would like to join doesnt have to be a sharing adventure via phones. it can be through your blog etc. Its just one of those nights we find ourselves without plans so we put a little time aside for some sewing projects.

we would welcome anyone in the sewing world to join in...cuz its kind of exciting. dorky maybe....but loads of fun! LOL

time to get that machine a' bangin' (cuz i need to change my needle) and my cutter a' slicin'. have a great weekend!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

51 posts!!!

I just realized i missed my 50th me its a milestone! i can sit and read blogs all day but its hard for me to write them.

Ive spent this past year trying to make more time for sewing....but with a busy family its hard. i work full time so i tend to get into my lazy mode. I am hoping when winter comes (as winter as you can get in vegas) ill have more umph to work on quilts. I still tend to sway to bags....because they are a quick project.

I have been making more corduroy bags this week for co-workers. They are so fun and simple--but a fullfilling outcome. I even have a few orders from family that i need to work on. the bag above might be MINE cuz i LOVE the pumpkin fabric with the fun lining. hmmm do i sell or selfish or giving....make money or be greedy?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


my baby went to homecoming tonight with his girlfriend. is it wrong i almost cried? he looked SO handsome and grown up! She was absolutely beautiful. All i can think is ive never been a prouder parent! he treats her like a queen!

And when he left, he HUGGED ME!!

I hope he had the time of his life....cuz highschool is the best of times. I would go a heartbeat.

Friday, October 9, 2009


look what i finally found......

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ive created bag stalkers!

yep...after a long year of making bags ....ive created bag stalkers. my friends now are beginning to look at peoples bags, stalk them thru stores, whip out their iphones and bring me pictures "can you make this?".

its hilarious. well last friday, a couple gals at work bring me a pic and low and behold its the birdie sling. yep, the monster bag by amy butler. ive been tempted to make one myself, but it truly scares me. LOTS of fabric for this sucker.

Of course im up to the challenge. im bringing them fab swatches so they can decide on their colors. wish me luck.....but i know i can do it! of course i can do "bags by bobbi" for goodness sakes! heehee

Thursday, October 1, 2009

is it wrong to love your mailman?

i love my mailman. i dont even know if its a he or a she. but whoever they are-- i love them. im terrible at getting my mail. but when youve discovered buying fabric on ebay.....its not scary to open the big metal box anymore. im going to tell my husband that i never need flowers from him again....not like i get them EVER---but i'd rather the fabric fairy visit me.

i had to get some things from ebay cuz my quilt stores dont have any of this fun fabric!! in love with happy camper. i cant wait to make a quilt out of it. but now i need more...i need a jelly...maybe a layer cake...some yardage....then therapy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

adorable bag!!!

my sister kristie started this bag obsession a few years ago. she has always been extremely talented! well....check out this bag! it has a few fabric swatches she made with words on them that are personal for me and our family! i LOVE LOVE this bag!!! isnt it adorable? the colors are fun....the pattern is sooo cute. it is my new fav bag to use!

Ive had to sort of hide it for awhile cuz my cousin Heidi was getting one too. she got hers in the mail today. we only wish kristie lived closer so we could share fabrics, ideas, shop together! a big whopping THANK YOU to my sister for this bag and this sewing obsession that she started!!! its her bday ill have to come up with some cute crafty sewing project to make her. MUAH---big kiss for ya ging!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Must Read!!

My sewing buddy HEIDI sent me a fantastic gift! The material obsession book! Its a must have for quilters. Ive been curled up on the couch tonight reading page by page and wow---these ladies are fantastic!

So a big THANK YOU to HEIDI for sending me this book. It is truly an inspiration to get my first quilt done (which is ready to be pinned and finished) and start on a new project. I still havent decided what to make next---but ill have to get out the "Project list" I have going and just pick one.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

fabric...where are you?

I have been waiting patiently ALL month for the new moda lines of AUTHENTIC and HAPPY CAMPER to hit my local quilt stores. Well, they still arent here and most of my shops arent ordering them. WHAT the heck is that about? Authentic is coming to atleast 1 store, but happy camper isnt? They also dont even seem to know what those lines are. This shocks me because how can you sell MODA and NOT know the new lines being released? WOW, maybe i need to be their buyers? I even have a project lined up for the camper line.....but aint comin'.

Dont make me buy off of ebay....cuz one buy is never enough. Then i have to explain to the hubby why i just spent 100bucks on ebay when i said i was only buying 1 single charm pack for 10 bucks! LOL

I want to be a happy camper....i really do! i guess its off to spend all my hard earned money on shipping fees.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Got Cord?

These bags are so fun to make!! Joanns has the good corduroy right buy it up people. its seasonal.

This is for a good friend of mines bday. I hope she likes it. Its fun fabrics and a nice size bag. perfect for books, magazines etc.

Happy Monday!