Sunday, March 29, 2009

Deportation-funny kid story

Kids say the funniest things. so ive decided to blog a few and hopefully someday ill make a blog book so i can remember them all.

Funny Matt story. See, none of us were born here but Matt. Well I guess his little mind was spinning one day and he asked me "Mom, could they ever deport dad back to New jersey?"
After laughing.....for about 10mn i finally was brave enough to ask why. his reply "well he was born there?" I guess he was in 3rd grade at the time. I think he was a little nervous he would be left all alone in Nevada....his homeland. I still get the giggles when i think of that.

I had to explain how we are 1 big country even though we have a ton of the end we are all US citizens.

Sometimes I forget the kids are listening to fox news as we have it on Oreilly or Hannity and listening to those all important stories about our great nation.

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