Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today was a day that all i could think of proud to be an american. truly proud. i saw people stand up for what they believe BAD ASS country! If any of you noticed, all of the tea parties were peaceful. Americans in red/white/blue. i even saw a young lady dressed as the statue of liberty. They held up signs that were pretty funny too. My fav was a poster of George Washington with the logo on it WTF? How true is that!?!?! WTF is going on in our nation? Why is it acceptable that we have lost all control? I am praying that we are able to find a balance in our nation before it gets to be a full blown american revolution. Although i loved watching Glen Beck today at the Alamo in Texas. TX wants to sucede from the nation and be a country in its own. If so, I AM THERE! Texas is the proudest state ive ever visited. And ive been to a lot of states. Everyone has a flag pole with the texas and american flag. all business' have the flags flying proud and free.

Speaking of states, ive been to quite a few in my years and still have never found that perfect one to live in. I dream of colorado, but have never been there. weird huh? my dream is semi country living. Need to be near a city, but dont want to live in the heart of one. I wouldnt mind a smaller town even outside a larger one. Im spoiled, i need shops and culture and good food. Im done with heat, im done with cold. SO my friends, where is that perfect spot? I fear ill never find out! but when that day comes that i get to escape the desert again, im praying i find it. Green grass and happy people. thats not a lot to ask for. proud americans-hell its sounding like texas. so much for escaping heat!

moral of the story is stand proud today my peeps. stand up for what you believe in. be an american today and fight for our future. PROUD AMERICAN OUTTTT!!!

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