Saturday, August 29, 2009

friendship bag and book

Looky what i got this week. Its a friendship bag from my sister! they are adorable too. i cant wait to make mine for the swap and send it with some goodies. I love Debbie Macomber books too and the new one came out this week so she had that tucked in the bag.

Ive had a bit of a family emergency this my quilt is on hold. My dad became ill and we have had a scary week, but he is home and well right now. THANK GOODNESS! My sister flew in to help care for him and see us for a few days. Its been nice because i havent seen her in almost a year. But its even nicer when she brings me presents :)

I promise i will work on my woodland bloom quilt soon, but i have to get my dad well and my family put back together first. keep looking, i might surprise you with another quilt!

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rachel griffith said...

your sister made a cute friendship bag.

rachel griffith
p.s. i quilt