Saturday, October 24, 2009

sewing goods

as i sit down to sew this morning....i surround myself with my favorite MUST HAVE sewing items. im working on a bday project for my sister----so i cant share the fabs yet.

as you can see, i love the basics. i have my handy cutter, perfect little scissors, flat head pins (love em!!), Gutermann thread, basting pins in a soup bowl...... But my absolute MUST HAVE is my pin cushion/thread bag. I have that at my side anytime im sewing. i was lucky enough to find this fun gadget at a quilt store in phoenix. It was found during one of my sewing adventure weekends with my sewing buddy HEIDI. we actually bought a pattern, tried making our own...and by sunday said forget-about-it and went and bought one. LOL.

another must have are my cheap 1.99 IKEA scissors. I use these for cutting fusible interfacing---so if they get gooey i havent just ruined a perfectly good pair of fab scissors.

back to my secret project....have a fun lots of fun things....

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Mishka said...

Rubbing alcohol works really well for cleaning gummed scissors. I use it all the time. Just put a bit on a cotton ball or paper towel, the guck comes right off.