Sunday, March 28, 2010

April Friday Night Sew-in....with a project!

Heidi and I were brainstorming on something a little fun to spice up Friday Night Sew-in....and she created this adorable and easy to make tote bag!!! this is completely optional...but if you want to make one for FNSI, she has the pdf for sale in her esty store and/or also a kit, all you have to provide is the lining fabric. the FNSI will not change at all...its one night a month you can mark your calendar to make whatever suits your fancy :)
we just thought we might offer those "stuck in a rut" people like ME something new and exciting!!!

how fabulous is this tote?? im going to make a few more in april for some gifts. this is going to be my new library bag :)

so...hop on over to her blog and register here for Aprils FNSI! we will also be having a fun project each month and we promise there will be free ones too! when FNSI was first born, we used to work on the same project. its how we learned to sew new things..... you can read the story here.....

happy sewing!


Heidi said...

so cute! Love the dots!

Val said...

I love the bag but I told Heidi I am gonna finish some projects that I need to finish up first. I hope to make it one day though. I feel like it has been so long since I have visited blogs. I am trying to get back to life. Got to catch up on yours!!!

Carol said...

It's such a cute bag. I just ordered my kit.