Monday, August 29, 2011

book therapy

so yeah....enough about changing your life and being a good person. 
who needs positive words and some mental therapy when there is new fabric and books to buy!!!  ill be doing some serious fabric therapy shopping this weekend.  im dying to get my hands on some Sweetwater Hometown Yardage.

i had a date with amazon this weekend, and he is sending me 2 wonderful books that should keep me busy all winter long.  that is if winter/fall/cooler temps ever come!!!!  we have had excessive heat warnings for the past week.  I. hate. summer.  (whine whine whine)  but remember im a girl from ND....and i know COLD.  id MUCH rather freeze my buttooshky off than be hot. 

sorry the heat makes me ramble on and on and on.  FOCUS! 

ok so back to the books.  have you all seen sweetwater has a new one out?  yeah yeah baby....its coming my way and should be here in the next few days.  HIGH'Freakin'FIVE!

the other book ive been pondering ALL summer long is Moda Fresh Fabric Treats.  do you all have it?  is it heavenly?  who doesnt love all those fabulous freebies the moda bakeshop puts out!!!  well that is my second purchase. 

come on mailman....make my day!  I think when i get them ill call in sick.  :)


BJ in TX said...

What's a nice girl like you (from ND) doing in Vegas??? LOL I'm from there too - relocated to TX - and also hate the summers. Enjoy your blog a LOT! Have fun with those new books and keep us posted on your projects.

Val said...


Jamie said...

Looks like you will be having some fun! I love the Hometown line, too! I want some!!