Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spruce up your Candles

I bought these cheap inexpensive candles and had just the idea for them!  all you need is a little burlap, some raffia, ribbon and a hot glue gun. the candle tray was one ive had forever from a candle company.

A very simple project that took just minutes.

I needed something special for my new table built by my hubby and dad!  its 7 feet long and fits my room perfectly!  we have a HUGE great room with a monster sectional couch.  so why not go big right?

my house is becoming the favorite Thanksgiving spot because of this couch.  it has 4 recliners and can fit like 27 people perfectly.  ok maybe like 8, but the guys all love it. 

here is the table my dad built me a few years ago.  he re-stained it for me this past spring and once i saw it, i knew i wanted a larger scale one for behind my couch. 

i need some more things to put on my new table...... ideas anyone?  ive been surfing pinterest all weekend long looking for projects.  im pretty sure i blew about 3 hours yesterday on pinterest.  are you all addicted yet?

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Becky said...

Love your long table! It took me forever to find the right size for my entry, so it sure must come in handy to have someone talented to build you one!

Unknown said...

I agree it must be lovely to have someone talented enough to make this for you.

Just popping in to say hi from tatertotsandjello, link up.
Looks lovely over here,

Pippa x