Sunday, November 27, 2011

journals and notebooks

after all of my family left and i had a bit of the empty house syndrome, i decided i needed a little crafting time.  I made a cover for a composition book.  you know those cheapo books you can buy for like 20cents during back to school sales.  (mark your calendar for next august to stock up)

the measuring tape on the side is just a ribbon i had.  scrapbook paper and some stamps youve got yourself a pretty fabulous journal!!!  there are a million different things you can do to these compo books.

this lead me to my next project.  have you got those fun smaller moleskin journals lying around?  mine was like 5x8 ish.   i had one for craft room ideas already, so bing bang boom here she is all decked out. this holds ideas i see on the internet and pinterest for decorating ideas and organizing ideas. 

last, my son always has codes for his PS3 games written on scraps of paper.  well when i clean, it all gets chucked.  so his fabulous mom (thats me) made him this book today.  he helped me design it.   funny thing we printed that picture of a game controller out like that in error.  it turned out to be the best part of the book!  (coming from the bottom of the page)

these projects would be a great stocking stuffer or xmas present for kids, teens and adults. 

ok, time to go finish decorating the house for Christmas. 


Jamie said...

Great journals, Bobbi!
If you have time you can come decorate my house when you are done. I don't think I'll be able to do very much this year with my extremely busy baby toddling around. He doesn't miss much. I think we'll have to settle for a table top Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Claudette497 said...

What great ideas! I'm having my kids do this for their journals - they'll love it!