Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friday Night Sew In info

today's the day HEIDI will post the winner of the Friday Night Sew In winners.  be sure and check out her blog cuz she made some really cute stuff this weekend! 

my night was spent on the couch, with a new book series and my quilt.  have you all read any of the ELM CREEK QUILTS books?  i just discovered them and im hooked.  they started like 10 years ago and i think there are 16ish books out as of now.  i have read the first 3 and am on book #4.  these books make me want to quilt and join a quilters club. 

the best part about these books being so old is you can buy the first 6 novels in 2 huge books.  the one pictures above has the 4, 5, and 6 books inside.  how cool is that?  i love amazon!

i know your saying to yourself "why didn't she sew or craft?  where are her Christmas projects?".  well.....I'm not looking for any sympathy here just stating the facts.  i had surgery a week ago.  I'm still recovering and don't get to do much.  i have sat in my sewing room, stared at fabrics, journals, Christmas presents to make, but nothing is appealing to me yet!  i still have a few weeks of recovery and I'm hoping to get some serious sewing time in soon!   so for now I'm reading about quilting.  I'm catching up on some serious sleep and taking it easy.  yes, its driving me CRAZY but ill feel like a new person soon.  YAY!

don't forget there is another Friday Night Sew In next week, 12/16/11,  so we can all get those Christmas presents done!


Impera Magna said...

I think holding down the sofa, under a quilt, and reading about quilts and quilting definitely qualifies for a FNSI activity!

Continue taking care of yourself! Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery!

Brandie said...

Hope you feel you feel better soon :)

Manda said...

You were tucked up with a quilt and reading about quilting so it totally still counts! :)
Hope you feel better soon!

Maria said...

Wishing you a quick recovery and enjoy snuggling under your quilt and reading the Elm Creek books.

Teresa F. said...

I hope you are recovering fast. I love the Elm Creek Quilt books, I've read three or four by now and I'm currently reading another one. If you can't sew a quilt what can be better than to read about quilt?

sunny said...

I've heard about these books, better start reading soon. I agree with the others, reading a quilty book under a cozy quilts totally counts. Get better soon!!

RobynLouise said...

Reading about quilting still qualifies as it keeps the mojo going! I love Omnibus volumes (2 or more novels of the same series/author in one book) but it's difficult to just stop at the end of one novel and start the next one later because I soooo want to know what is going to happen!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know about the books too! I discovered the first one when it was new, I was in my local area quilt shop and it was on a rack so I took a chance and bought it. I didn't get it read right away, it was just there at home for quite a while and then when I did read it, I knew I was ready for another book if she ever wrote one. And I've been collecting and reading all of them as they were published. I felt like you and I actually DID start a mini-group of five other friends and myself and we met once a month for an entire day of hand sewing, lunch, and talking and laughing. We kept it simple and we six friends loved our group. I moved away a year ago and had to part with them but they are still meeting and still enjoying the group. It has been meeting since 2003. So it can be done, think of some friends you'd like to share some quilty fun times with and go for it!

Denise said...

I love the series, I still have the last 2 to read when things slow down this winter.

Patty said...

Hope you are feeling better, I'm sure that you sewing mojo will be coming back soon.

Linda said...

I love the Elm Creek series. I've read all of them(except her new one) and they just get better and better. I had the priviledge the first of this month to give away her latest book to one of my lucky readers. I was going to read it before I gave it away and didn't have the time. Enjoy the books and get well soon.

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