Friday, May 11, 2012

9patch pin cushions

these seem to be all over blogland right now.  im going to make a few of them tonight as gifts.  this one is about 4.5 inches finished.  im going to try and make a smaller one.  but man are those little 1" pieces tough to work with.

i included this one in the latest swap i participated in.  i cant show you the other goodies, because she hasnt let me know she got her stuff yet.  :)

do you all know how addicted to AQUA i am right now?  im not even embarrassed to say it.
curious tho, do you consider it Aqua or Turquoise? is it the same thing???  to me, aqua is bluer and turquoise has more of a green tone.  but thats just my opinion.

tomorrow ill be taking my fabulous mother out shopping at HomeGoods (our fav store) and then to lunch.  build up an appetite first!!!  Happy Mothers Day weekend to everyone!!!

Tomorrow  before my adventures ill be posting the sign ups for next fridays FNSI  (friday night sew in).  be sure and come back!


Carol said...

Cute as heck! I love the running stitch around the 9-patch. Have fun at Home Goods, I love that store too.

Gayle said...

Very cute, love the colour. Might have to try one.

Kim said...

I have been seeing them all over blogland too. They look like sew much fun to make. I love the aqua prints. It's so pretty.

tillymint said...

What a gorgeous pin cushion Bobbi! I agree with you about the aqua/turquoise thing.. it's very confusing when you are buying fabrics online though. I've often been surprised by some colour descriptions!

Jo Ann said...

I too am drawn to this colour! Love the pin cushion.