Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday Night sew in signups

I can't believe it's already time again for fnsi. Head on over to Heidi's blog at and put your name on the list.

My home Pc is messed up. I'm blogging via phone and it's annoying. I'm having a rough year I tell ya.

My sister is going to be in town so I'll get a sewing partner this month for fnsi.
Yay!!  Even though it will be nice to have a person to sew with we are dealing w some family medical issues. Not fun! But we are a close family and always there for each other so I know things will be ok.

It's not me....its my dad. But God gives you strength when you feel there isnt any left.
I'm hanging onto that.

Alright enough of the poor me :)

Can't wait to see what you all make!  See you Friday !


Crazy Amy said...

hang in there. Having a sick parent is hard. with both of you together I'm sure you can help tackle what needs to be done and find strength in each other. prayers for you and your family.

Linda in Arkansas said...

Good luck with all that. So nice that you are a close family.

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