Saturday, September 26, 2009

fabric...where are you?

I have been waiting patiently ALL month for the new moda lines of AUTHENTIC and HAPPY CAMPER to hit my local quilt stores. Well, they still arent here and most of my shops arent ordering them. WHAT the heck is that about? Authentic is coming to atleast 1 store, but happy camper isnt? They also dont even seem to know what those lines are. This shocks me because how can you sell MODA and NOT know the new lines being released? WOW, maybe i need to be their buyers? I even have a project lined up for the camper line.....but aint comin'.

Dont make me buy off of ebay....cuz one buy is never enough. Then i have to explain to the hubby why i just spent 100bucks on ebay when i said i was only buying 1 single charm pack for 10 bucks! LOL

I want to be a happy camper....i really do! i guess its off to spend all my hard earned money on shipping fees.

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