Saturday, September 12, 2009

shopping today....all goodies for ME!

I did a mini shop hop today and found some FUN items. here are just a few. there are a couple off camera that i bought as for my Friday night sewing buddy HEIDI and something for my sisters bday coming. I felt so bad....i was suppose to do my Friday night sew-in last night but couldn't get off the couch. Heidi was diligently working on her projects and i was snoring next to my sleeping 16 y/o. I guess we both had a long week.
anyhoo....i spent the entire morning by myself. first on the agenda was garage sales. that was a bust. nothing...nada....zilch. BUT that gave me more money to spend in the quilt stores and boy did i ever. I have fabric buying guilt right now....but that too will pass. I went to 3 out of my 5 shops in the las vegas valley. i mustve used a tank of gas cuz the ones i picked were on all corners. heck one was in boulder city! over the river and through the lie. (ok no river cuz we are a desert and no woods cuz yet again...desert). LOL
the above items are a kit for an ADORABLE thanksgiving hanging to use with modas gobble gobble line. the other kit is an xmas snowman kit. its soo cute! do i keep it, or give to my mom? years ago mom starting collecting snowman stuff for xmas. our precious ornaments she has had on the tree all of these years have now been replaced by a guy with 3 balls. ok, i couldnt resist that statement. Sorry if thou offended anyone.
back to the sewing machine---its bobbis saturday afternoon sew-in. ill have to buz heidi and see if she if her machine is purrrinnggg.


Heidi said...

Are you day drinking again? LOL... You crack me up.

I haven't sewn all day today.. kid stuff.. park etc. But I will be sewing tonight.

Bobbi said...

wasnt drinking...had my own little buzz going from my fabric finds! quilt store shopping makes you all warm and fuzzy inside!