Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Night Painting results......WAIT....PAINTING????

YEP, you heard me right.  last night for FNSI i did some painting.....not sewing :)

first, it started off with a little sunflower seed chewing and baseball.  GO #4....he is always ready to hit one out of the park.  we know it will happen soon.

the park has some heavenly green trees.  (if you ever move to the desert, you will miss trees-trust me)  here is my soon to be "baby".  **sigh**

finally here is the project i have been working on all week.  painting is hard because you have to wait for things to dry.  this was a recipe book holder type thingy that has been in my kitchen.   i bought it a few years back at a craft show in boulder city.  they did a weird light stain on it....blehck.
here it is finished and painted black.  i distressed it a little bit for an antiquey kind of look.  i cant believe its taken me this many years to paint it!  do you have a feeling it will be many many many colors before i ever get rid of it??  me too!   It found itself a home in my sewing room.  its just so big and bulky and always took up SO much counter space. 

ART in the PARK is a huge craft show in boulder city, nevada every fall.  (just outside of vegas at the hoover dam)  its the first weekend in october.  i have had LOTS of fun adventures there.  when i bought this shelf, my sister and i had actually spotted a different one.  we both wanted it.  so we did what anyone would do with their sibling......we ROCK PAPER SCISSORED for it.  my mom stood there and laughed with the seller.....who couldn't believe it was how we settled it.  well, my sis won and i had to buy this one.  over the years i have come to cherish my shelf thingy.  (not sure what to call it)  maybe someday when we get sick of ours, we could do a swap.  :)

check out these little bowls.......thanks to some spring garage sales i paid a whole $1.00 for all 4!!!!
I'm thinking my giveaway will involve one of these little puppies and a pin cushion !!! 

OK folks.....don't forget to post about your Friday Night Sew-In project today and tomorrow i will surf your projects.  I will be doing a drawing for our monthly giveaway and post the results Sunday.



Val said...

Those ball games will keep you busy. I know it does my daughter that has 3 children. Love your little shelf. I would love to know how you got that antiquey look. I have a table that I am wanting to paint black too. I told Heidi that I can't even remember signing up for the FNSI but I always try to join you. Just got my post finished. Love those bowls too!

Impera Magna said...

That is the coolest bookshelf/drawer thingie... you did a great job painting it!

corina said...

Good job on painting your shelf thingie. I bought a few wooden pieces from Ikea years ago and they are still unpainted. They keep my quilting UFO's company.

pinsandneedles said...

Great finds! Love those colorful bowls!

Jane said...

Love the way you got your shelf thingy, lol, great job painting it

Mistea said...

Love the new look shelf thingy - perfect for your creative space.
I had a successful FNSI and have posted my progress.
Thanks for letting me play.