Thursday, December 22, 2011


last minute gifts are in full bloom at my house!!! my last chore was to tackle an apron.  (this pattern scared me, so ive been avoiding it for MONTHS!) 

once i got the first one done, i couldn't believe how EASY it was to make!!!  i used a few different tutorials because they all had tips that i liked and disliked.  (so i cant really give credit to just one). after a last minute emergency call to my sister , because she has made a bunch of these, we brainstormed an easier way to attach the top/bottom sash.

I'm loving this fun cow fabric found at my LQS!!   this apron is for me  :)

yardage used was 1 fat quarter for the body and 1/2 yard for the sashing/straps. 

the idea we came up with was using the burrito/tube method for the top/bottom sashing--i have used it to make pillow cases.  WOW did this technique make it SOOOOO much easier!!!  it also hides the seams for you which guarantees no fraying of edges!!  

Time to dive into my monster pile of fat quarters!!!  who wants an apron for Christmas?  Mrs. Clause is on a ROLL! 


Cheryll said...

The apron is a perfect gift for someone special I think!
Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

RobynLouise said...

Lovely apron. Adore the cool cow fabric! I've just sent off an apron I made but there won't be any photos until after Christmas. The pattern looks similar to yours but it's from a book I've had for 30 years and I 'tweaked' mine too :). Aprons seem to be the new 'fashion' for homewear so I'm finally up with the vogue after all these years :.
Have a lovely Christmas!

Roos said...

What a great fabrics you used...
Merry- Xmas to you and your family, Roos

Diane said...

Cute! I would love to see more on how you made it.

Katharine said...

Lovely! Makes me itchy to go out to the fabric store :) I found a YouTube tutorial on how to sew the burrito/roll method for a pillowcase. So it's made like how one sews interior crotch panel seams on knickers, right? Sew the bottom sash with the burrito seam, then make the top sash with a pressed to the inside topstitched seam? You mentioned you did the burrito on both the top and bottom but I can't picture that, LOL.

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