Saturday, December 17, 2011

my FNSI results

i started working on bookmarks for my coworkers last night.  they are all avid readers so i know they will be appreciated.  i spent the night messing around with different stamps.  also i didn't get very far because i was working on another Christmas present which i cannot show.  but can i just say this?  I.SUCK.AT.ZIPPERS.

the bookmark is like THIS one i made a few days ago.  Ive been using it and LOVE it.  although its a little thick, im working on making it thinner.  i used an interfacing on both front and back pieces to make it stiff, but now its thick.  any suggestions??   for the life of me i cant remember what i used.  decor bond maybe? 

did you all work on your last minute projects?  I'm kicking myself for not getting things done sooner.  the holidays just came SOOO fast.  this year has been quite a busy one for me.  i had to put too many projects/presents on the back burner and tell myself there was NO way they were getting done.  BUMMER.  note to july start sewing for christmas!  thats why its called christmas in july right? 

don't forget to come back tomorrow for the FNSI winners.  ill be doing 2 drawings and have some fabulous prizes for ya!


RobynLouise said...

I spent FNSI being a lounge lizard as I've acquired a virus that my DD has had all week. So I decided to be a cheer squad for other FNSI members and I've seen some lovely items so far :).
Wish I could help you with the zippers as I quite like putting them in things. Only tip I can give is to hand baste them in place so they don't slip when you machine stitch. It is actually quicker to do this than take time to unpick a mistake later ;P.

Unknown said...

I don't remember if I linked up or not, but I did spend today sewing--last night was... heck, I don't remember. But today I got 4 pairs of GS Cookie flannel fabric jammie bottoms done, and quilted the top for a friend's wall hanging. Gotta bind that tomorrow and get it in the mail!

dianne said...

i dunno if july is early enough - last MARCH i started making flying geese for the borders on 6 little panel quilts that i wanted to make as presents and STILL managed to barely squeak by ... maybe i need a personal trainer

barb's creations said...

Love the bookmarks,I start making things for Christmas in January of each year and I still don't have enough time lol.For the other query have you tried using an iron-on interfacing which comes in diferent thicknesses?? :) Barb.

Manda said...

FNSI totally motivated me to get up and do some sewing this week! Those bookmarks look great!

Gwen said...

Would WonderUnder be stiff enough? You can iron fabric to both sides.

Teresa said...

I love your bookmarks! As for the thickness issue, since they're not likely to be washed, why not just starch the daylights out of them and omit the interfacing entirely? Even if you used only one layer of interfacing, the bookmarks would still be amazing!