Thursday, March 22, 2012

April 20th Friday Night Sew In--BIG Announcement

You know how we always stress that the purpose of the FNSI is to take time for YOU?! Since we all have a tendency to put others before ourselves?

Well, we are changing that in April... but in a good way.

By now, I’m sure you have heard about the organization called Conkerr Cancer. I love their tag line at the top of their website “Giving sick kids a reason to smile.. one pillowcase at a time.”

What does that have to do with Friday Night Sew In you ask? Well, for the month of April, we have partnered with Arrow Sewing Cabinets and Conkerr Cancer.

We would like to ask each and everyone who participates in the April Friday Night Sew In on April 20th, to make a pillowcase for a critically ill child. Just think of how many children we could make smile if we do this together!

Of course – making a pillowcase is totally optional. You can still make your own planned projects if you choose. But Heidi and I thought that maybe just for the month of April – we could join together and do this as a group. Just think of the impact we could have.

If you decide to join us and make a pillowcase (or more than one) – here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Please use this pattern/guidelines for making your pillowcase.

2. Use cheery fabrics for kids – colorful and fun as possible. They love the fabrics with food on them like donuts and pizza.. or sports teams are always popular too. Or racing/Nascar fabrics - etc.

3. Remember many patients are adolescent boys and girls, we always need pillowcases appropriate to teenagers as well as the young ones.

4. Cotton or flannel only!

5. Mail your completed pillowcases (at anytime before the deadline) to:

Arrow Cabinets
310 O’Conner Dr
Elkhorn WI 53121

*Be sure to add a note to let them know you are part of the April FNSI!!

Arrow Cabinets will also be sponsoring the Giveaway for this special event. And what a giveaway it will be!

To be eligible for the giveaway – you must make at least one pillowcase (and mail it).

The GRAND Prize is this rolling tote!! **

And 2nd Prize is this amazing June Taylor Kit.**

We will draw the winner of the Grand Prize on Sunday April 22nd.

We will draw the winner for the 2nd prize from all the pillowcases received at Arrow Cabinets by May 11th. That gives everyone time to get them in the mail.

**Prize winners will not receive their prize until Arrow has received their pillowcase.

So - What do you think? Are you as excited to be a part of this as we are? You could even start sewing pillowcases now.. why wait!! Gather up your sewing friends.. make pillowcases together! Just make sure to mail them with your name and let them know you are a part of the FNSI group!!

Click here because the sign ups are already posted!  YAY!!!  The official FNSI is on April 20th, but you can start sewing and mailing those pillowcases anytime and you will still get your name in for these awesome prizes!!


Carol said...

Great idea Bobbi. I already signed up.

Impera Magna said...

What a great idea! I'm in!!!

Patty said...

Fabulous idea. count me in!

Maria said...

What a wonderful idea BUT I wonder if us Aussies can join in?????

Angela said...

I'm in!! What a great idea!

Susan said...

What great prizes! What a great cause! Digging out fabric for some pillow cases