Saturday, March 10, 2012


my kitchen needed color, but i couldn't decide on a color to paint my walls.  then i saw this.....

yep, just a cheap ol' dish towel from walmart.  it got my wheels turning.  my counters have a green to them.  its NOT a color i would choose and its hard to decorate around.  this towel had the green and AQUA together.  so it gave me an idea.

i went on a search for just the right items.  i like the country look.....but Ive done the reds, greens, yellows.  i needed AQUA but with a semi country flair.

here are the items i picked up to work with.  the chicken is country right?  LOL

i know your thinking WHAT THE........!!!!   well once they got up on my cupboards i think they blend together nicely.  i said the same me.  but the items were reasonably priced, so i knew i could ditch something if it was hideous! 

sorry for the bad lighting.  its hard with my kitchen because its a bit gloomy.  this was my dilemma on painting it or not.  for now i guess my walls will stay builder beige.  BUT, i do have a pantry door and i have seriously pondered painting it like tatertotsnjello did.  (aqua)  i just don't think im that brave.  ;)

i LOVE my cake stand on the island.  most of my items were bought at HOMEGOODS.  that store has the best bargains.  i didn't spend a bunch of money so i wont feel guilty when im sick of the aqua colors.

what do you think?  I'm being serious here.  i live in a house with nothing but boys, so i don't have a honest girls opinion yet. 

isn't my gnome the best part of the kitchen?  my thoughts are when its a mess, I'm blaming him!


Carol said...

Just a thought, what if you add a basket here and there. I think it would go nicely with your lovely decorations. I really like the dish towels.

Andrea said...

Aqua is a pretty color, and I love your gnome!!
I think a little valance window topper in aqua, maybe even with a touch of beige mixed in, would pull your accents together. I love that you have a window over the sink, too.

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

I can't believe you found an aqua gnome and an aqua chicken in the same trip! I love them both! I'm the only girl over here, too.. Love what you did, and I'm in LOVE with HomeGoods. LOVE. You could try the pantry door in a less bright version of aqua, and paint the inset panels with chalkboard paint.. just a wacky idea. LOL If you don't like it, blame the gnome for sure! And you could always paint over it. :o)

Anonymous said...

Looks great! And I like the comment above about adding a basket or two.

Impera Magna said...

Looking GOOD! The aqua looks great... methinks you need a runner (with aqua) on the island... and mebbe a few more aqua things on the counters?

What about those aqua/blue ball canning jars in the window with the light shining thru?


Quilter Mom of 3 said...

I love all your new acquisitions, especially the bronze and teal pear!!

Val said...

I absolutely love this color!! I am looking for a wall cabinet that is this color or that I can paint to go in my pantry. You did great!

Teresa said...

I am in love with your gnome :) I also love the aqua colour. As for the door - it's only paint - go nuts!! Besides, in a houseful of boys, white won't stay white for very long. Ask me how I know!

Unknown said...

Blame it on the Gnome.... love it, Kelli! I'm liking all the great suggestions, too! Especially the canning jar idea from the Impera Herself! I live with 3 males of the species.... every now and then I need a boatload of pink!

Linda in Arkansas said...

I'm really digging your aqua stuff. I'm going to tell you, I wasn't at first, but you really pulled it off by placing them up on the cupboards. They all look great! So bright and fun!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Oh, paint the door. Seriously. It's just paint! You could probably pick up a quart -- or even those little samples -- and slather it on. It's just one door. And if you hate it. You can repaint it!

I painted the coat closet door in my entry black and am loving it!



Jamie said...

Hey! I have that exact towel! My colors completely!! Love your kitchen!

diegoagogo said...

Maybe to just give a small bright kick colour, add a little red??
It will tie the aqua & beige together & give a little warmth.
Love the idea of the chalk board pantry. I think you can get magnetic chalk board paint?? (google it)
Love the gnome & the chicken. I have a small chicken collection until I can have some land & have some real ones.
London, UK