Monday, November 26, 2012

Sister doll and hoop ornament

ive been way out of touch lately.  lifes busy and i cant seem to slow it down.  how is it just a few weeks before christmas?  i mean seriously! 

here is my doll i made for my sister.  i showed you the one she made for me in my previous post. 

she had to have a purse because my sister has a wee bit of a purse obsession.  bags too :)

 they got to be together for thanksgiving.  but she took her home on saturday.  boooo.

here is another project i made last weekend for FNSI.  totally forgot to blog about it.  heck i forgot to link the sign ups.  i suck right now.  (pardon my french)

its a hoop ornament.  im going to hang it in my sewing room or over a mirror in the foyer.  not sure yet.  i found the idea on pinterest and almost copied it to a tee cuz i loved it so much.  its just a hoop, fabric, ric rac and ribbon.  took me under an hour. 

have you all made a lot of things from pinterest?  i can proudly say i have.  ill show you a few other ideas this month.  this is assuming ill blog more than once this month.  ;) ;) ;)


Carol said...

Cute stuff Bobbi. So who won the FNSI?

Maria said...

Love the Sissy Dolls.. so cute..

Lovely Christmas Hoop too.
I have not been game to go to Pinterest as I spend enough time on my computer now.....

Katharine said...

It's gorgeous! No wonder you were so inspired by Pinterest.

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