Saturday, November 3, 2012

the box

a few years ago i bought this at a big craft show in boulder city, NV.  my sister and i actually rock-paper-scissored for it.  wait, now that i think about it, we both wanted the other one.  obviously i lost. 

anyhoo, ive had this for at least 10 years.  it was never a finished product, just plain wood.  last year, i painted it black.  not what i really wanted, but dealt with it.  the other night, i got a wild hair and re-painted it.  she sits in my craft/sewing room.  holds my favorite quilt books.

Heidi has been trying to take this off of my hands for awhile.  she even had some guy give her an estimate of what he would charge to build it.  sorry cant have it just yet.  (ill put it in my will for ya). 

i did a do-it-yourself chalk paint method.  i used plaster of paris, water and paint.  finished it off with a good coat of wax.  im in LOVE with it again! 

i did a bit of antiquing also.  i had plans to go to hobby lobby and get new nobs, but these look really good with the teal/aqua color!  

after avoiding my craft room for the past few months, im spending the next few days organizing it AGAIN.  i swear its a never ending job.  but with xmas right around the corner, i need to make a few gifts and cant remember where anything is!  if i had a closet in this room, id be in heaven.  but its sort of a den/office.  i even showed my hubby some plans for built-ins to which he looked at me like "your kidding right?!!!?!!".  yeah, we will scrap those.  for now.....


PinkGranny said...

I LIKE it!

Val said...

This is so cute!!! Just wanted to come and say hello and let you know that I had to take a blogging break for a while but hopefully I am back. I sure have missed everyone!!!

Lamar said...

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