Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
Its been a busy year and ive been mostly good.
hmmm....well....ok partying on the vegas strip until the wee hours of the morning wasnt all that "nice"....but we sure had fun.

cussing like a sailor isnt always the "nicest" way to start my day....but vegas traffic is a nightmare.

but in the end, ive done good deeds for the holidays. ive made (for free) some cute bags for a couple of cute little girls whose mom struggles to buy gifts....... ive made some comfy quilts for my family members so they are never cold on christmas eve......ive eaten enough chocolate to keep candy businesses afloat during a rough economy......

so for christmas i would love this.....

or maybe even just one of these......

please please please.....remember me this year.
(i promise no more dancing with a group of guys dressed like catholic school girls at jimmy buffetts bar in vegas---! )

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