Wednesday, December 2, 2009

making a list....checking it twice

i made my "to do" list today.....its long....its scary....its impossible!!!

why do we do this to ourselves. take on extra projects at xmas time for other people AND mentally commit ourselves to making things for our home for the holidays. We KNOW which items will get ditched.....our personal items that we really really wanted to make.

i love making bags for other people. thats not the issue. my issue right now.....time. just never enough of it. sleep is a waste of time to me....if my body didnt require it i would never ever sleep again. right now im getting around 5-6hours because thats how much my body likes.

so what am i doing right now? blogging.....about lack of time. sitting in my comfy chair after a long day at work blogging about time. its kind of funny :)

here sits my list....14 items....i have already crossed off 2. thats still 12....i bet by the morning i could get it down to 5. maybe i should start off with 5....then add a few on as i cross a few off. maybe it wouldnt make me feel so bad about the "lost" items from the list.



Needled Mom said...

I think we are all in the same boat at this time of the year. Too bad we have to sleep.

Maria said...

Sometimes you need to sit and think about nothing.
I know what you mean, never enough hours in the day don't know how people get bored

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