Wednesday, December 30, 2009

an easy fun stocking stand....made by ME!!!

a few years back, my dad and i made a few of these for our family. they were SOOO simple! i was sick of hanging our stockings on the wall because at that time we didnt have a fireplace. even now WITH a fireplace i still use it. its one of my cherished xmas items.....probably because i made it.

I thought it would be fun to share a few pics with you and maybe give you an idea of what you could make for YOUR stockings!!!

We bought the "fence post" at our local home depot. It was perfect for this project because of the angled top. we didnt do a THING to it, other than painting it!

my dad angled the 2x4's on the bottom for stability. I found these cute hooks at Pier 1. painted it to look like xmas and even stencilled a few snow flakes. it turned out SOOO cute!!! after using it for a few years and moving across a few states, its gotten banged up. (please forgive the dust too LOL)

So my project this year is to repaint it. im thinking maybe a blue/silver combination. the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

(added a pic of the top of the post)


Needled Mom said...

Great idea and so cute.

Maria said...

What a great stocking stand .

Food & Style Required said...

Super cute but I just want to know how did you attach the base? Wood glue? Screws? Nails?