Thursday, February 11, 2010


last year i had made my boys both comfy flannel pillowcases. they have used them ever since. well lets just say they are falling apart after being abused by boys. they have been drug all over the house, drug on roadtrips, drug to friends houses. lately they have been begging for new ones, which i think is SOOO cool cuz they are boys--a teen and a tween.

i found this flannel last weekend and decided it was time to make new ones. skulls, guitars, skater print. how cool are those? well the comment from the lady at the cutting table was "wow, your making pillowcases with such busy-crazy-scary fabric. how will they sleep?".

yeah, im thinking the same thing.....she MUST have all girls.

thanks to all of you for my well wishes. i know i was whining, but i hate being sick for such a long time. life goes on...even when your heads in a fog. im a busy working mom...what can i say...we dont get sick days from life.

are you all excited for the olympics? I LOVE to watch them. winter is my favorite too! ice skating, hockey, skiing. i love it all! im going to have my own little "friday night" tomorrow night a week early just to celebrate.


Jamie said...

What a cool mom! I've been thinking about making some flannel pillow cases for my boys too! You are right, she must have girls, because I know that my boys would absolutely love those prints!

Hope you are all better for the weekend. Look for a package early next week!!! I'm going to the post office tomorrow. Sorry for the delay...sick boys and tons of snow!

Regina said...

Love the fabrics! My little guy loves his fun pillowcases - I was able to talk him out of all matchy matchy bedding that is rough and cheap and will fall apart in no time by promising him some fun pillowcases to go with his comfy soft not so dramatic sheets.

Val said...

I hate being sick. Not fun. Hope you are feeling better.