Monday, February 1, 2010

Pinafore....and the sisters

My Sewing Buddy Heidi and I took a class on the Pinafore bag in phoenix and it was taught by ME AND MY SISTER!!! The picture is of them holding our bags. What a FUUNNNN class too! they had prizes, giveaways, and a LOT of laughter. I love the pattern and know ill make it again!
of course the best part was getting to spend a few days with Heidi and laughing until it hurt. I got to browse through her patterns, her fabric, her sewing room.....its like being in a mini quilt store.
I had decided to make my pinafore bag with black/white and green because of a previous bag heidi had made. well i get to phoenix and heidi had her fabs all picked out and pink!!! too funny!
If you ever get the chance to meet the sisters or take one of their classes DO IT! They really do LOVE what they do for a living.

3 comments: said...

Ok... I'm jealous!! Looks like you guys had fun!!

Jamie said...

What a fun weekend...a great way to unwind. Very nice bag, too!

Barb said...

How fun!!!

love the bag