Saturday, January 2, 2010

bag addict

here is another bag i made...i put a new spin on it and put a pocket on the outside and wow it totally makes this bag style!!! i could make a new one of these each and every day .... i love these bags!!! one of my many aunts was in town and it was her 68th i gave her this bag. its a great size for roadtrips and they were heading back to NM. i hope she enjoys it!
My wood/mod podge project is drying (step1 done--spray paint). im patiently combing through oodles and oodles of fabric to decide on just the perfect one to mod podge onto my wood caddy.
with this much fabric....its not an easy task. LOL


Needled Mom said...

Very attractive. I love making bags as well.

Val said...

I love your bag. I want to make one. Do you use a certain pattern?

Maria said...

It is so much fun making a bag as it is nice ad quick. I am into cushion covers at present.