Friday, January 22, 2010

FEBRUARY Friday Night is set!

alright ladies...its time again! mark your calendars for the FRIDAY NIGHT SEW-IN. Feb 19th is the date.

The sign up is on HEIDIs blog.....and we promise to follow our own rules this time. heehee.
we will be doing a giveaway and promise to check and make sure everyone blogs about what they did that fun filled friday night before our drawing!

Joining the Friday Night Sew-in is a way of setting some time aside to work on those projects on your to do list. And remember - it doesn't have to be a sewing project.. maybe you have a knitting project.. or some scrapbooking.. it could be anything!!! what i love is how fun you have all made it.....a yummy dinner, fun snacks, a beverage like hot keep up the FUN posts! also remember we created a FLICKR account for this special night! so sign up, post a pic, have some fun, chit-chat about it.

head on over to for the sign up list, a blog button, and the rules. this is really becoming a FUN event for us!!!

see you in feb!


Val said...

I am headed over there. Thank you both for doing this. I love it.

Michelle said...

Hi Bobbi,
Thanks for visiting my blog, and thank you for the comment. Did you know you are set to no reply on your blog settings? No one can reply, so thought I'd drop by here.

Love the quilt on your blog header.
be blessed, and visit soon!

Val said...

Thanks for visiting me and going to the antique store with me! Did you know that you are a no reply?

Bobbi said...

im trying to fix my no reply...yikes.

Bobbi said...

thanks again to my fav girl heidi!!! she fixed me right up! id never make it in life without her....

Bobbi said...

oh and THANK YOU ladies from above for telling me!